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Hackernoon Community Enters Public Beta

We are excited to be starting the public beta of the Hacker Noon Community. There’s some great ongoing discussions from our private beta — from product decisions for Hacker Noon 2.0 to favorite old-school video games (or decentralized applications) to what could replace Facebook (or Google). Building a cool new product aside, everyone seems interested in some Hacker Noon stickers (limited supply 😊). If you’d like to introduce yourself to meet more of the community, here’s the thread.

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There are also private groups for contributing writers and shareholders.

This instance is powered by Discourse and hosted by DigitalOcean. Discourse will also power our commenting system in Hacker Noon 2.0. Our integration will be a little different from other sites, but you can see examples of this story/comment setup on codinghorror.com and boingboing.net.

On our site today, there are too many barriers to sharing words about stories. Most of the discussion around Hacker Noon stories are happening on other social networks. Part of this is the reality of how social networks host discussion today, and part of it is a software design issue. Currently, “comments” are called “responses” and treated like a whole new story.

A Community.Hackernoon.com Thread.

It’s difficult to create an account, quote another comment or cleanly follow a thread of comments (lots of clicking of “read more” required to read full comments). By making our comment system more like original internet forums we pay homage to the early days and adoption of the internet; it was about people connecting by mutual subject matter interest. In the spectrum of “comment” to “new story,” I think we can host a lot more of the discussion around the story (which will in turn create better stories). With Discourse, discussions feels natural. One can comment an entire new post, or simply react to certain parts of the story. Everything is an ongoing thread.

A Final Thought About Civil Discourse

Please treat your internet friends with respect. There are many places on the internet where you can be mean. This is not one of them. You are welcome to be anonymous. You are welcome to speak your truth. Within reason. When agreeing or disagreeing, please be thoughtful, respectful and kind.

Join the discourse @ community.hackernoon.com.



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