What to Expect from the OTN Wallet?

The Open Trading Network is changing the shape of crypto asset trading — built on a vision to drive the evolution of crypto trading into the future. Providing a platform that seeks to meet the needs of all parties involved in crypto exchange trading, the OTN platform will provide a decentralised network that offers guaranteed interactions that process transactions quickly, transparently, and securely. From inception the Open Trading Network operates in partnership with reputable and existing trading business IQ Option — helping further customise the OTN platform to meet user demand.

Introducing OTN Wallet

In conjunction with the trading platform, OTN has created an innovative crypto wallet where users can store all of their coins, and receive direct information about which coin is the optimal choice to use to as payment when making a specific purchase.

Convenience — Assets All in One Place

The primary benefit of the OTN wallet is that it is a universal crypto wallet — offering users an all in one, convenient location for storing and exchanging assets. This marks a major development in the crypto trading industry and meets demand that has risen sharply with the rapid growth of the crypto market. Crypto traders can avoid having to manage a confusing range of wallets and trading platforms when trading different crypto assets. The OTN wallet acts as a valuable tool — a universal portfolio that gives the user the power to manage their resources across different chains in one accessible platform.

February 2018

As the OTN platform continues rollout from October through to the new year, the OTN Wallet is scheduled to offer the following features in February 2018:

● A multi-chain light wallet with storage for cryptokeys on a mobile device

● Support for 7+ cryptocurrencies

● Storage for Ethereum tokens

● The ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens


Within the wallet users will be provided access to the OTN.x technology — providing guaranteed​​ interaction ​​between ​​blockchains. As a common example, it is possible to exchange BTC for ETH with guarantees from OTN, conveniently from within the OTN wallet (as well as from external interfaces through a public API.)

Moving Forward — What to expect in future from the OTN wallet?

OTN has designed the wallet specifically to provide enhanced options, power and flexibility for users.

Going forward the OTN wallet seeks to support the maximum number of cryptocurrencies whilst also providing secure operations for exchanging and purchasing tokenized assets. Enhanced features in the areas of cryptocurrency storage, exchange and broker trading will be developed by efficiently harnessing the current capabilities of development partner, IQ Option.

The OTN wallet is scheduled to offer the following valuable features in future:

● The ability to invest in all types of assets and maintain a balanced portfolio.

● Buying and selling cryptocurrencies and tokens for fiat money.

● Fast and secure exchange transactions with all types of assets.

● Tokenization and detokenization of assets.

● Providing a market and news analysis tool kit.

● Setting buy and sell orders at specified prices.

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*IQ Option is a brokerage company and does not provide OTN tokens to clients. All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation. The OTN foundation confirms that it does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non- commercial.

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