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What To Do On An Internet Snow Day by@brianwallace

What To Do On An Internet Snow Day

Brian Wallace Hacker Noon profile picture

Brian Wallace

Founder @ NowSourcing. Contributor @ Hackernoon, Advisor @GoogleSmallBiz, Podcaster, infographics

For many businesses, internet access is a key component of going about day to day activities. Without it, our productivity would grind to a screeching halt. Almost 80% of office workers consider Internet connectivity critical to getting their job done, but what happens when the internet goes out? It is our Internet snow day.

We all know those days at the office. Settling down at our desk with a fresh cup of coffee, preparing to begin our day when lo and behold our email won’t load. For the most part, “turning it off and on again” does the trick but sometimes it gets a little more complicated.

Back in May of 1998, several satellites were damaged by solar flares from the sun, shutting off the Internet (and not to mention our pagers!) worldwide. Later still, forces of nature were known to cause power outages and, you guessed it, Internet connectivity issues.

Today, our worries are different. With many Internet cables built tougher and some even placed underground, cyber attacks and provider errors are the usual suspects for our internet issues.

But of course when all else fails, there’s always the Google Chrome T-rex game to play. What do you do on your Internet snow days?