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What To Do Before You Redesign Your Product

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Interview with Leslie Yang, Senior Product Designer at Pivotal Labs

How many times do you look back and cringe at a product you created?

I’ll admit I do it ALL the time…

What stops me from want to jump in and fix every little teeny tiny pixel, typo, or bug is me realizing that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done, and some things aren’t actually broken — I’m just a harsh critic!

But what tempts me to want to jump in and redesign my products is when I see how cool a competitor’s product looks or a customer writes in gripping about a clunky workflow.

Don’t get me wrong a redesign can be just the thing you need to do a brand refresh, to stay competitive, and to attract and retain customers.

However, the key is to avoid jumping right in to avoid making the product worse.

In today’s Build Tip, I’m joined by Leslie Yang who is a Senior Product Designer at Pivotal Labs. Leslie and I are going to talk about how much to include in a redesign and what you need to do before you start a redesign.

You’ll learn:

  • The hidden risks of jumping into a redesign and how to avoid them
  • What happens when we redesign too many pieces of the product
  • The type of metrics you need to be tracking for each piece of the product you redesign

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