What No One Tells Developers About Leveraging Their Network For Rewards by@laszlo

What No One Tells Developers About Leveraging Their Network For Rewards

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Some referral programs allow developers to recommend platforms or services to their counterparts, it is a simple process and the rewards can be very enticing.

Talented developers are rare and it takes a lot of hard work to become one. While making their place in this challenging industry, developers add very valuable contacts in their networks that can eventually be leveraged. When one thinks about leveraging a network, the first thing that comes to mind is new job opportunities. But a quality professional network can be very beneficial for developers in other ways…

A particularly effective and innovative way for developers to leverage their networks is through referral programs. By making the right connections, developers can easily collect numerous rewards. Considering that the workload of a developer is often heavy, it can be difficult to find the time for activities that can provide passive income. As such, referral programs are fantastic in terms of time efficiency.

The simplicity of the process is based on its word-of-mouth principles: sharing information with a friend or contact that will be beneficial to him/her. Developers only need to send messages to their counterparts (often containing a link or a referral code) in order to be rewarded. The rewards for different referral programs are quite varied: commission on referrals, affiliate rewards, etc.

While most referral programs are generic and created to reach everyone, there are a few programs out there that are specifically tailored for developers, allowing them to make referrals to their colleagues or friends working in the same field. A great example of that is Indorse’s DRA program. It works on very simple foundations: sharing a code with expert developers to earn unlimited rewards. To learn about this particular program click HERE.

Bottom line is that if a developer has the relevant contacts, he/she might as well leverage them!

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