What is the Long-Term Impact of Living in a Technological World? by@felixyim

What is the Long-Term Impact of Living in a Technological World?

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A technological world sure has its pros and cons. Technology is often described as a necessary evil by so many people. As much as it is important in our lives, it has also led to some evils facing society.

Technology, for instance, has made the world a global village and made it easier for people to reach each other. Today, you don’t even have to be in the same location to collaborate in terms of jobs and different activities.

In addition, you can reach out to friends and family who are thousands of miles away as if they are just next to you. How has this been possible for many people?

Well, social media is one way that has made it easier to keep up with people from different parts of the globe. But at the same time, social media has led to depression for many and even suicide through body shaming and cyber-bullying.

So, as you can see, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this advancement in technology. As we move deeper into the article, you will understand how these advantages and disadvantages of technology affect you directly.

What is Technology Today?

Technology has constantly revolutionized our world over the years. Today, we enjoy a lot of simplicity in performing different activities due to the presence of technological tools.

Things like smartwatches and smartphones are a result of advancements in technology. And there’s still more to expect in the coming years if the current trend we’re seeing is anything to go by.

Indeed, it is safe to say that technology has made each and everyone’s lives better, faster, easier and even more fun.

Technology Has Changed Our Life

Technology has led to an enhanced quality of life not only for the younger generations but also the old ones.

Through social media and instant messaging platforms, we’ve been able to keep in touch and maintain communication even amidst some of the most challenging times of humanity, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has taken a toll on so many households and lives, leading to isolation and new norms such as social distancing and work-from-home policies. All this would have kept people completely away from each other if not for technology keeping things afloat.

Some of the new devices that we have gained from technology have made our lives a lot easier and smoother. And we can even add that some devices have helped to boost the quality of life, such as health devices. For instance, those who have a problem hearing well can benefit from the help they get from hearing aids and TV listening devices. Thus, people can move through everyday life with ease and peace of mind.

Pros of Technology

Like we have stated in this article, technology has definitely improved the quality of life. So, let’s take some time and analyze some of the advantages that it has.

For People with Disabilities

Technology has been a strong pillar for people living with disabilities. Sure, life is challenging for this group. Through product design and development, technology has made it a lot easier and simpler for them. Talk of hearing aids as we have given an example earlier.

There are also adaptive keyboards and alternative input devices that help people with disabilities to use technological tools that would have otherwise been impossible to use. Foot switches and eye-tracking software can also help in making those hard controls for people living with disabilities.

Ease of Communication

You can certainly agree with us when we claim that technology has made it easier for individuals to communicate with each other. Take social media and instant messaging platforms as an example. It has made it easier for individuals to communicate regardless of their current locations.


Technology plays an integral role in our domestic lives. Smart light bulbs are one example of an application of technology for comfort. This creates a color ambience that’s relaxed and ideal for different activities. Some will even help you sleep better when it’s time for you to retire to sleep.

Improved Education

New tools have emerged that help in both learning and teaching. A good example that became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic is the use of video technology such as Zoom.

Change in Health Sector

Digital technological tools help to change unsustainable healthcare systems into more sustainable ones. Also, new technological tools have helped improve the value of life in terms of aiding in the treatment of certain ailments.

Access to Information

Through the presence of social media, information has become a lot easier for people to access. Today, you don’t even have to switch on your TV for news updates to know what’s happening around you. Do this swiftly from the comfort of your smartphone.

Achieving Goals

Living in a technological world will help you to achieve quickly what would have rather taken you ages before. It also becomes easier and more convenient to do things.

Cons of Technology

Of course, technology has its fair share of cons that we need to talk about. Some of them include:

  • Increased loneliness.
  • Less value in human workers.
  • Competency.
  • Depletion of natural resources.
  • Too much dependency.

Final Thoughts

For sure, technology has made its mark in this world – whether positively or negatively. It all depends on what side you’re analyzing from. All in all, you should seek advice from a qualified person if you’re stuck wondering anything about technology.


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