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Hackernoon logoWhat is the Biggest Risk For Passion Economy Startups? by@lijin

What is the Biggest Risk For Passion Economy Startups?

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@lijinLi Jin

I am an Investment Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on the Consumer sector

Creators want a direct relationship with their own users, which is against the platforms’ DNA. E.g. FB restricts ability for large group admins to message members. Agree that platforms adding in direct monetization
features is a big risk though to new startups in the Passion Economy.
Here’s some tactics for startups to hedge against incumbents:

  • Offer more depth of value for creators. Not just payments but the entire value chain of creating content, merch, etc.
  • Start w/ creators who have a pre-existing audience on large platforms, but quickly expand to fostering to new creators
  • Let creators own their own audience
  • Foster new social graphs that aren’t easily duplicated or subsumed by FB/LI/etc
  • Enable community among members, i.e. the “Come for the creator, stay for the network” approach:

What else?

Originally published as “The biggest risk for Passion Economy startups"


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