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Do you know, until today 126,424 websites have been built using python language? Moreover, there are many top-notch brands among these websites. Renowned companies like YouTube, Instagram, IBM, Netflix, and many others are using python codes to rock the world!
Along with  companies, software developers are also preferring this language. According to the stack overflow findings, python has witnessed a steady upliftment in the past few years. Here is a graph to depict the success of python in comparison to other major programming tools. 
The reason behind this growing popularity of Python among the developers is the various advantages that it provides. Some of them are: 
Capable of back-end and front-end development
It is a cross-platform language
It is an open-source programming language
Strong community base
Plethora of tools
Fewer and simple lines of codes
These benefits have allured the developers as well as businesses of all sizes. Its cost-effective attribute amazingly suits the startups and SMEs. This has given rise to various  operations where python is applied extensively in contemporary software development services.
Some of the areas where Python is used are:

Application of Python: Web Development

When it comes to web development, python is greatly popular. It offers advantages which are exclusive to this programming language. It is capable of delivering web apps powered with chatbots and other complex functionalities.
In the heavy competition of websites in current business age, it is extremely vital to choose the right programming tool. Python can be one because of its large availability of pre-built libraries and simple syntax.
The clean coding offered in python web development services can provide  acceleration to return on investment (ROI) on your project. This is specifically best for startups!

Application of Python: Internet of Things

In simple words, IoT is nothing but all the devices that are connected to the internet. IoT has a major role to play in big data, data analytics , and machine learning. This demands a language that is scalable and also lightweight.
Python is close to perfect for this purpose. The large supportive community and pre-written libraries make the implementation of python in this application highly convenient. Its ability to support scientific community allowed it to gain popularity in IoT app development services.

Application of Python: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and ML give machines the power to think intelligently like humans. This has become an area of interest for the companies as well as customers. AI and its subsets like machine learning and deep learning solutions are getting an increase in their investments constantly. It is expected that artificial intelligence market will reach USD 190.61 Billion by 2025 from USD 21.46 Billion in 2018.
Machine learning is making a lot of unimaginable things possible today! The limitless possibilities have paved their ways majorly with the help of the dexterous python web developers.
It is the most popular language when it comes to data science and machine learning. There are specific libraries that make python appropriate for machine learning. Some of them are scikit-learn, tensorflow, nilearn and mlpy.  
These applications of python programming language are being explored extensively by companies of varied sizes. These applications of python are quite popular among startups and SMEs as well.
Let’s explore what python is used for in various industries:

What is python used for in E-commerce industry?

Python goes well in the e-commerce development project. The most used python framework for this purpose is Django. It is capable of giving robust functionality to the e-commerce site build on it. 
One of the most important benefits of python for using it in e-commerce development is its security advantage. The security attack on e-commerce is quite common because of the sensitive data of the customers.
Python ensures safety in such parameters. Moreover, python codes can offer multiple payment options in e-commerce development. Apart from this, being an e-commerce store owner you will always enjoy an updated database of customers including the feature of geolocation with the help of this language. 
Instacart using Python
A famous name in the e-commerce industry, instacart uses Python and Ruby. The grocery selling online company has the need of demand forecasting operation which is handled well with python programming. 

What is python used for in social media industry?

The major aim of social media sites is to get more traffic to enhance their website performance. Here the scalability of the programming tool matters a lot. Owing to the reputation of python being a practical and simple language, many social media sites are using its codes. 
Many social biggies are using python to forecast demand and managing the millions of active users. Name any top-notch social platform and you will find its codes powered by the python programming language. To name a few they are, facebook, instagram, quora, youtube and many more.
Instagram using Python 
The engineering team at Instagram got to know in the year 2016 that they were running the largest deployment of Python in the world. Since then the scenario is same. With 800 million active users, Instagram has sustained the use of Python in its programming till date.

What is python used for in Fintech industry?

Choice of technology stack for fintech company is highly crucial to save yourself from loss. Fintech needs a programming tool with a plethora of ready-made components and libraries.  Which should be capable of providing scalable, mature and high performance solution. 
Keeping all these needs in mind, Python mobile app development has become the smartest choice to be used by fintech companies. The giants in the Fintech world have included python in their technology stack. 
Some of the popular Fintech companies using Python in their technology stack according to an article published in STX next python powerhouse are named in the image below. Have a look at them. 
Choosing python for banking and financial development services can be reliable solution that can offer robust results for a long term.  

What is python used for in transport industry?

Transport needs the functions that are performed by machine learning. Do you know how Google maps calculate the distance for reaching your location instantly? It is the algorithms of ML and deep learning that perform these complex tasks almost seamlessly.
The memory management capacity of python programming language enables it to perform incredibly for transport website. It is capable to provide brilliant solutions of data analysis to transport companies as well as their customers.
Uber using Python
Uber’s vision to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone! To bring this to reality, they need to work with complex data as neatly as possible. Python codes in their technology stack help them achieve this flawlessly. 

What is python used for in Startups and SMEs?

It is very critical for startups to select an optimum programming language for their web app development. There are many options to them from PHP to Python. If you have a startup then make sure to choose a programming tool for web development that allows easy implementation of new features, provides scalability and cost-effective.
Knowing that these features are available in Python, it would be an intelligent decision to choose it. Moreover, it will open a window to bring some innovative features to your app that supports the latest technologies like AI and ML. 
Examples of some successful startups that use python in their technology stack:
TravelPerk: Recognized by WIRED in 2017 as one of the hottest startups in Barcelona. 
Shippo: According to Forbes, it raised $20 billion to support small businesses in competing with Amazon. 
USIO: recognized as one of the cheapest energy deal providers by in 2017

Undoubtedly, startups achieve success by using python in their tech stack. Python web development has become the solution for all, from startups to top-notch brands. Its scalable and data science capabilities has win great support for this language. 

Final Words: What is Python used for? 

Yes, you concluded it right! Python is used and loved among all industries. Moreover, it is a favourite programming language of developers as well because of its easy and simple codes. Python offers seamless performance of memory intensive tasks which are required in every industry. 
Possibly, these unavoidable shiny features of Python has allured businesses of all sizes. From biggies like Google to startups, it has entered the tech stack of them all. The shocking news is, python worked brilliantly for all of them!
Companies narrate their stories by naming Python. I would always suggest every businessperson to hire python developers to make their growth unstoppable like Instagram and Uber and many others!


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