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What is Industrial Marketing? [Infographic] by@brianwallace

What is Industrial Marketing? [Infographic]

Brian Wallace HackerNoon profile picture

Brian Wallace

Founder @ NowSourcing. Contributor @ Hackernoon, Advisor @GoogleSmallBiz, Podcaster, infographics

The main challenge in industrial marketing is the inability to contact purchasing decision-makers. Engineers often search manufacturing websites for information about parts and use that information to specify components in their designs. However, engineers, especially engineers in large companies, rarely buy parts themselves, so industrial marketers have a way to influence both the engineer who specifies the part in the design and the purchasing team who actually buys the part. You need to find out. An industrial marketing strategy needs to effectively inform both buyers and engineers giving every campaign two goals.

Engineers will have a better customer experience if manufacturers make more information available on their websites. Engineers benefit from knowledge of industry-standard specs, maintenance instructions, maintenance schedules, minimum order quantity, and installation information. Each type of data is a new hook for the engineer to consider outside of the product itself. If an engineer has a choice between two similar products, the component with more data and information is the better option.

Another important consideration is the ease with which engineers may obtain product data and CAD data. Engineers are in high demand. If they have to expend a lot of time and effort to collect information, they will most likely choose the route of least resistance and look for a vendor who makes accessing CAD data and product information easier.

Most B2B marketers devote a significant amount of effort to brainstorming content ideas. Doing keyword research on audience-relevant topics, researching trends, and creating relevant content is a big pain in the neck. Manufacturers of industrial goods have a significant edge. You have product data that you can use to create marketing content. Each piece of information does not necessitate hours of study. Instead, a few chats with your company's SMEs (subject matter experts) will yield hundreds of content ideas that may be offered in a variety of formats, including videos, essays, webinars, white papers, detailed product pages, and 3D CAD model downloads, among other options.

Conquer industrial marketing by delivering relevant information and digestible data to the right buyers at the right moment.