What is Desktop AR? - Augmented Reality Without Expensive Techby@holosdk
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What is Desktop AR? - Augmented Reality Without Expensive Tech

March 18th 2021
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by @holosdk 1,165 reads
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Have you ever imagine playing games and applications where characters and icons are floating in front of us? Or have you ever want to try a mixed-reality system like AR glasses, but the price is just a bit too high? Well, now you can set up your own mixed reality system at home using Desktop AR technology!

What is Desktop AR?

Desktop AR is an augmented reality system that turns an ordinary 2D monitor into a volumetric display. It brings virtual objects into the real-world using a webcam and anaglyph glasses. It works by tracking a user's head position and render images according to the user's viewing angle in stereoscopic images. Unlike AR glasses, you can setup a Desktop AR at home for free. You can make DIY red & blue glasses or purchase them online for a few dollars.

How to setup a Desktop AR and try it at home

To set up Desktop AR at home, you will need 4 things, a laptop or a PC, red&blue 3D glasses, a webcam and Desktop AR apps.

The first step is to prepare your computer and the red&blue 3D glasses. Your computer can be a laptop or a desktop computer as long as it has a dedicated GPU. If you are using a desktop, place a webcam on top of your monitor.

After you have the computer setup, download and install a sample Desktop AR app from Perception. You can choose any app from the collection. When you play the app, you will find that the 3D scenes move according to your viewing positions. The movement is how Desktop AR creates a holographic experience by rendering 3D scenes that match your perspectives.

How to make your own Desktop AR app

Perception is a startup that leads to the introduction of Desktop AR to the VR/AR communities. If you want to explore or even start your own Desktop AR project, we have an SDK called Holo-SDK for you.

You can generate a free developer license and start playing with the SDK right away.

In addition to the SDK, you will also find documentssample applications and a Q&A forum that will help you with your Desktop AR project.

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by Perception Codes @holosdk.Perception develops Holo-SDK, a Unity plugin for Desktop AR. So that everyone can enjoy the XR experience!
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