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What is API Observability?by@kevinswiber
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What is API Observability?

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APIs are like blood vessels to a digital business. As data flows through, energy is delivered to activate new opportunities. Oftentimes, we focus on specialized components, the vital organs of our software systems. What can we learn by tapping into the connectors, themselves, pulling insights from the streams? Here's a quick overview on bootstrapping an observability strategy for APIs. Discover the Signals Data lives everywhere. When it comes to measuring success, anticipating problems, or looking for our next opportunity, we instinctively scrape, scrub, polish, and analyze information to the best of our ability. Finding signals in the noise has been a natural activity for living beings since the dawn of vigilance. As time has progressed, we've applied these data-crunching instincts to our digital assets, as well. For modern business, this practice is one for survival. With so much of our business being driven by APIs, are we searching for the right signals?

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