Aphelion Open Source Wallet And Decentralized App On The NEO Blockchainby@cryptoresearch
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Aphelion Open Source Wallet And Decentralized App On The NEO Blockchain

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<strong>Last Minute News EDIT</strong>: please note <a href="" target="_blank">Aphelion was just listed on KuCoin</a>.

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featured image - Aphelion Open Source Wallet And Decentralized App On The NEO Blockchain
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Last Minute News EDIT: please note Aphelion was just listed on KuCoin.

What is Aphelion

Aphelion is built on upon the NEO blockchain, an eco-friendly, decentralized and open-source application that offers the most secure platform for digital asset distribution.

Decentralization has been one of the driving forces behind the adoption of blockchain and its related technologies, or DApps. However, since the world still revolves around fiat currency, cryptocurrencies are still tied to centralized exchanges and the restrictions they empose.

The same can be said for the world’s most popular blockchain, Ehtereum, which simply doesn’t have the capacity to enable such transactions, and therefore still relies on cryptos being listed on exhanges to make them available.

The NEO blockchain however, has addressed this problem to become truly decentralized, in every sense.

The notion of bypassing exchanges when trading crypto isn’t a new idea, however there are very few that do so. Some projects claim to be decentralize exchanges, however none of these are built as DApps completely within a blockchain. Instead they are usually centralized client to server operations, or even just a protocol that requires integrations with existing centralized exchanges.

Aphelion is the first DApp to incorporate true decentralization that doesn’t just stop at the exchange of digital data, but also includes the exchange of the currencies traded to fund these transactions.

Useful DYOR Information

Research’s date: 19.04.18

CoinMarketCap URL :


Coin Name : Aphelion (APH)

Total Supply : — 242,817,675 APH

Circulating Supply : — 36, 273,130 APH

Market Cap : — $10,545,796 USD

Pre Ico Price : — 1 APH = 0.13 USD

Ico Price : — 1 APH — $0.290733 USD

Tokens/Money Raised Through ICO : — $4,780,661 OF $6,700,000 (71%)

Time Zone : — UTC-04:00

White Paper : —

Token Type : NEO Blockchain

The NEO Blockchain

Creating Aphelion simply wouldn’t be possible without the NEO blockchain. So understanding the key differences between NEO and other popular technologies is key in realizing the potential it brings to the market.

The NEO blackchain, formally known as Antshares (ANS) borrows much of its technology from Ethereum, however it incorporates additional features such as the reinvisioned smart contract 2.0 and next-generation dBFT. It is also compatible with popular programming languages such as .Net and Javascript, as well as Python and Go in the very near future. This enables approx. 90% of all developers to instantly be able to create their own applications, and creates a smooth learning curve for those wishing to write their own programs.

One of blockchains inherent issues is the way in which node reach consensus before building the next block on the chain. Bitcoins highly secure POW (proof of work) model, which required nodes to compete in solving cryptographics puzzles puts tremendous strain on energy consumption. The most popular alternative, the POS (proof of stake model) only requires nodes to hold a certain amount of tokens in order to participate, which made it more energy efficient and thus more scaleable and less demanding on the planets energy resources.   However, regardless of the method used to grant permission to participate in reaching a consensus, both models can fork to allow two versions of the truth to exist at any single time. Although this happens regularly and is often resolved automatically as part of reaching consensus; the version exist until a majority determine which version is true, if blockchain is to every truly be adopted by the finacila sector the risk of this happen can simply not exist.

In order to address this issue, NEO employs an algorithm that arranges the relationship between nodes in such a way that allows the system to reach a true consensus even if some nodes have malicious intentions, or simply stop working.

In short, this algorithm divides users into two groups; bookkeeping nodes who run nodes as a source of profit, and users who are interested in using the blockchain’s features. Verification happens using a process is referred to as DEAL (Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger), where a bookkeeping node is randomly selected to broadcast its version of the blockchain. If more than two-third of the network agrees then consensus is made and the blockchain continues. If consensus isn’t reach then a new bookkeeping node is selected and the process repeated again. This process

This secures the network in a manner that would require more than two-thirds of all users to be committed to financial ruin. It also ensure that only one version of the truth ever exists, elimitaing the risk of the blockchain forking into two different realities.

NEO’s incorporation of these new technologies greatly improve speed and scalability. For example, where Bitcoin is only capable of processing 3–4 transactions per second, and Ehtereum only slightly better at 20 p/s, NEO has the ability to carry out a staggering 10,000 trasnactions per second.

Aphelion and APH Token

Built on NEO’s breakthrough technology, Aphelion is a highly secure platform that offers solutions to the most common problems that plague current exchanges and related platforms.

Aphelion is the truly decentralized app that allows user to set their own smart contracts and exchange digital assets on their own terms via open-source, secure and fast processes directly on the blockchain. This solves issue such as latency, eliminates the risk of assets being frozen or stolen, and allows users to freely trade crypto without the restrictions, and high costs, imposed by centralized platforms.

Aphelion is powered by the APH token, which facilitates the tokenized DEAL protocol. The APH token is contained directly on the blockchain, thus bypassing exchanges and allowing APH to the Liquid Verificiation Devices and unlock the potential of truly decentralized asset and crypto exchange.

The networks capacity to allow tokenized escrow solutions for users to instantly trade currencies approved by Aphelion is a major step forward it the crypto world. The ability to be integrated with any other DApp also opens up a world of possibilities for the future of the platform, enabling developers to adapt and mold to factors that influence the industry.

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