What if B2B Marketing Tactics were NBA Players? by@omrihurwitz

What if B2B Marketing Tactics were NBA Players?

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Dear Marketers,

I think metaphors and analogies are powerful, especially in the B2B marketing ecosystem, where what we are trying to sell are not physical products. Software, service, systems, features, everything needs to be presented in just a way where the prospect can grab a mental note on how the thing we are selling can benefit his work or personal life. 

Recently, I have thought about how B2B marketing tactics can be presented in a fun, engaging way that can help B2B marketers, CMOs, and sales reps, grab an easy to handle overview of B2B Marketing tactics. 

I am a basketball fan, and even though I am not an NBA player, I would still like to use NBA players as an example for each B2B marketing tactic. So what do you say? Let's do it! 

Public Relations: Lebron James 


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Yes, I might be a bit biased, but hear me out. If you are not an avid basketball fan, and someone talks to you about the NBA, you instantly think about Lebron James; why is that? Because he currently has the biggest brand in the NBA. He is not only a basketball player; he is a businessman, a movie star, and a well-known public figure with many followers on social media. That is why he is the B2B Marketing equivalent of public relations. Just like Lebron James, Public Relations' goal is to achieve a high level of brand awareness and storytelling capabilities. 

LinkedIn Ads, Pay Per Click Advertising: Stephen Curry 


Photo Source: Page Six

If you have seen Steph curry's highly accurate shooting, you know he is exactly like LinkedIn Ads. While Steph is hitting super-targeted three-pointers, LinkedIn Ads can help your brand target specific job titles in specific industries. The Golden State Warriors need Stephen Curry to compete for an NBA championship like B2B marketers need LinkedIn ads to become an industry leader. 

SEO: Chris Paul 


Photo Source: Sky Sports

Just like Chris Paul, SEO can be seen like a floor general, the one in charge of running the offense. SEO involves almost every aspect of marketing in it, for it to work; Content marketing, Link building, On-site optimization, Off-site Optimization, Digital PR, Keyword analysis, and many more. Usually, companies that invest in SEO have a long-term strategy in where they want to take their brand. Chris Paul is a perfect example of a veteran, intelligent, and analytical floor general. 

LinkedIn & Email Outreach: Draymond Green


Photo Source: NBA

If you know LinkedIn outreach, and you know Draymond Green, you are probably laughing out loud now. Draymond Green is a modern Dennis Rodman. Draymond hustles; he is the one that will jump on the floor to get the ball, make strong defensive moves, fight with taller opponents to get rebounds and provide his teammates with huge amounts of energy. LinkedIn & Email outreach is a strong hustle play, and Draymond Green is a great example of that. 

Marketing Automation: Phil Jackson 


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Phil Jackson is the most successful NBA Coach of all time, the one who helped lead the Chicago Bulls & the Los Angeles Lakers to 11 championships combined. And he did that by orchestrating the team's tactics, strategy, and plays. B2B Marketing is just that, automating the whole marketing process while being able to guide the process, as well as optimize it accordingly. All this on a very high level. 

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