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"What If ... I didn't Do It?"

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@calvinqcCalvin QC

A Full-stack Web / iOS Developer, and an inspired mentor.

This is the story of how I wrote my first blog and got published on Hackernoon ... after a year .

Last year, I told myself "Hey, let's write the first blog ever." I got so hyped in the beginning, planned what to write, read tons of articles. 
But I've kept PUSHING it back! I got scared whenever I start writing something, and questioned myself: 
"What if they don't like it?" 
"What if they tell me I'm wrong?"
"What if my writing skills are bad?"
"What if....?" 
The 2 words "WHAT IF ?" above have made us become a "Pro...crastinator", and forgot how "Pro...fessional" we are! 
Until a week ago, I decided to write a guide to help my fellows to get started with their Web Development skills. I questioned myself the same 2 words"WHAT IF ?" again. But this time, it's different!
"What if my blog could help someone to solve their problems?"
"What if this blog could help me improve my writing skills?"
"What if it helps me overcome my fear?"
"What if I keep thinking positively?"
With the same 2 words "WHAT IF ?" but different attitudes, we will get 2 different results.
Whatever you want to do or if you want to get started, having a plan and a goal is NOT enough. With self-discipline and a positive mindset, you will achieve it.
My dedication to writing the first post did not come from my passion or my hobby. 
It comes from
"What If ... I can help someone's lives for the Better by doing it?"
Check out my first blog here:


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