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Hackernoon logoWhat I experienced on my 30 day social media fast. by@jonathanpuc

What I experienced on my 30 day social media fast.

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@jonathanpucJonathan Puc

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By not indulging in social media I realised a few things.

You’re able to focus a lot more on whatever task it is that you are doing. Your brain is no longer fragmented from constantly checking your notifications or posts.

You are more consistent and motivated with your goals and routines. Social media produces dopamine, a chemical that is associated with pleasure and is meant to be utilised to make you driven to accomplish goals and tasks. It’s easy dopamine therefore you keep going back to it rather than accomplishing more meaningful things.

You become comfortable about yourself and happier.
Majority of social media is a facade and time away from it means you no longer have to put up a false identity or image or try and validate yourself to your network.

I’ve been working my butt off, learning React and full stack technologies. Able to understand concepts much easier due to lack of distractions.

I’ve begun solving algorithm problems as tomorrow I have my first technical test with a company.

I’ve really enjoyed a distraction free month and proud of the progress I made. I’ve decided to now only use Facebook to connect with new people I meet or stay in contact with friends. As for Instagram, it’s been a handy tool for me as a developer to make connections and will continue with it but limit the time spent mindlessly scrolling through feeds.


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