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What are the Best UI Component Libraries for Angular in 2022?

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It's no secret that Angular is one of the most popular full-stack frameworks with component libraries accessible today.

It stands out in a crowded field of diverse JavaScript libraries and frameworks available on the market. It is being developed by Google and is built on the Typescript programming language. 

Developed and maintained by Microsoft, Typescript is a programming language used for web development. It is a tight syntactical superset of JavaScript that is very opinionated.

What are Component Libraries, and how do they work?

When appropriately utilized, component libraries assist designers in working consistently while also saving them a significant amount of time and increasing their efficiency.

A contemporary UI component library for Angular provides several building blocks that developers may utilize to create their applications.

Angular's Component Libraries 

Angular has a large and active community that is actively working on additional libraries to fill in the gaps left by Angular.

Furthermore, they work to improve the usability of any specific capabilities that are already available.

The year 2022 will see the emergence of several popular angular component libraries, all of which you should investigate. 

When there are so many Angular UI component libraries available on the market, it might be challenging to choose the finest one among them.

We've compiled a list of some of the Top Angular Component Libraries to check out in 2022.


ag-Grid is a data grid with a lot of features that have been built specifically for Angular.

It may be used in conjunction with various Angular versions, including 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7, to provide enterprise capabilities to the application while maintaining the level of speed you demand. 

It has more than 63 Core and Enterprise features, making it feasible to build ready-to-use software implementations.

Filtering, sorting, and pagination are all popular elements of this modern-day grid, and they are described in more detail below.

Angular Material 

A component library for Angular that implements Google's Material Design (formerly termed as Material2) is called Angular Material components. It is built on the Typescript and Angular frameworks. 

It includes several different aspects that programmers may use in web-based applications. This solution includes tools that enable any developer to create custom components that use widely-used interaction patterns and interfaces.

Angular Material is an Angular UI component library among the best in the world. It contributes to uniformity and smooth user experience across a wide range of devices and operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Android, Apple, and Chrome OS. 

A tidy and well-documented component library that is extensively used by developers all over the globe, it is well acknowledged as such.


Clarity is a design system developed by VMware and is available as open-source software. It combines an HTML/CSS framework, user experience principles, and Angular components into a single package. 

It builds on top of Angular and provides a collection of data-bound parts that are fast and responsive.

Clarity is created based on ongoing study and investigation, and as such, it can be utilized by both designers and developers equally well.

NG Bootstrap 

NG BootStrap provides Angular components that are compatible with Bootstrap 4, and as a result, it has supplanted Angular-UI bootstrap.

Because it does not rely on any third-party JS dependencies, it has a high level of testing coverage. All of its widgets will be made available via the appropriate HTML elements and aria attributes.

Onsen UI 

Onsen UI is a leading Angular UI component library for building mobile, web, and hybrid applications for iOS and Android devices. It is built on the JavaScript programming language. 

This component collection includes components with Flat and Material Designs and bindings for Angular and other languages.

Depending on the kind of platform you choose for your project, it will automatically style your content.


NG-Lightning is one of the most popular Angular Component Libraries, and it was designed specifically for Salesforce's Lightning Design System.

The primary goal is to make native Angular directives and components available to the Lightning Design System via this project. 

These stateless functional components simply rely on the attributes of the incoming data to provide more flexibility and more excellent performance to the system.


This component suite is a comprehensive collection of more than 80 UI components in various styles, ranging from flat to material design and everything in between. Because the components of PrimeNG have been professionally created, it is pretty simple to utilize and alter them. 

The mobile user interface (UX) includes responsive and touch-friendly layouts. It is possible to employ form components that range from basic to complicated, such as graphs, tables, sliders, and popups. 

Vaadin Components

Vaadin develops UI components influenced by Material Design for online and mobile apps. Using this technique, the gap between Polymer elements and Angular components may be closed.

Even though they are gathered together, the pieces are retained in distinct repositories, similar to how you can discover them separately on BitTorrent. 

Git, package managers, and other tools are integrated into the library to provide a seamless code-sharing experience between developers and applications (apps). It assists you in removing all of the strain from your code by allowing you to codeshare by reusing or sharing components without the need for settings or restructuring.


The goal of the NG-ZORRO component library is to provide an entire enterprise-class user interface based on Ant Design. It is developed in TypeScript and includes defined types to make it easier to use. 

This library is derived from the Chinese language and is the most suitable for web-based applications. ng-Zorro is enhanced by a collection of Angular components, while the design and development resources and tools make it a comprehensive package for Angular. 

Kendo UI

A cross-platform mobile application framework built on the Angular Component Library, Kendo UI core is perfect for creating apps for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.


According to the current market situation, the Angular component libraries listed above are the most relevant ones currently accessible on the market. You may begin incorporating them into your project to provide the most significant possible user experience.


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