What AI Advancements Will Mean for Our Daily Lives in 2021by@gbarnottpalin
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What AI Advancements Will Mean for Our Daily Lives in 2021

by Shufti ProJanuary 9th, 2021
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AI arguably dates to the 1950s when Alan Turning invented the Turing Test. This was essentially a machine that could think for itself. Fast forward 70 years and if sci-fi thrillers made throughout the years are anything to go by, the world is overrun by robots and human beings are now servants to the machined man. 

Of course, being alive currently, we know this simply didn’t happen. Whether it be through lack of development or lack of funding, artificial intelligence hasn’t yet managed to take over our lives completely. That said, however, AI is already commonplace in most of our daily lives. From using voice assistants to speaking to chatbots, this type of modern robotics is helping to make lives easier. 

Adding to this, due to the pandemic, developers have jumped on the chance to show what AI can really do. So, it has been implemented in hospitals and homes across the globe to make life easier for the vulnerable and care staff. It has been programmed to clean and observe patients to give staff extra time for more medical-based work. 

But as tech keeps on growing, AI is at the forefront of development and experimentation. Which means that 2021 is bound to have something great in-store. And it certainly does. 

Biometric Security

The pandemic has driven the world online. Which means consumers are now more vulnerable to hack attacks and scams. So, to protect people, biometrics will be playing a bigger role in our lives when it comes to buying online. More firms will be using facial biometrics to confirm that a customer is who they say they are. Adopting this method of authentication will help tackle cybercrime and fraud. 

Although a lot of us rely on fingerprint biometrics to unlock our devices, the pandemic has made us all ultra-aware of how much germs travel. People are now realizing that although fingerprint biometrics have served us well for years, perhaps they aren’t the most hygienic. And so, developers are now moving towards touchless biometrics. Again, this involves things like facial or eye scanning. However, although things like palm vein biometrics are thought to be the security of the future, it’s the development of the touchless fingerprints that could be dominating 2021. 

Smart Cities will be the new norm

Whether we are aware of it or not, smart cities are already a big part of many of our lives. Transport is driving itself across the streets, electric power is controlled and let’s not forget the hundreds of AI monitored cameras that have created facial recognition controversy.

Despite COVID causing a few setbacks in 2020 in the development of smart cities, experts are still working on intertwining AI into the digital city in 2021. AI will replace humans and will automate tasks that are normally done by people in the city. Meaning there will be less chance for mistakes. 

Also, as more information is stored on the cloud from data taken in a smart city, AI will analyse data at a quicker and more accurate rate. 

Although you may not notice it, AI will be analysing data and figuring out how to improve an urban space every time we enter a city in 2021. 

Hyper Automation will increase

Identified as an IT megatrend, hyperautomation is the idea that any company can be automated. To do this, AI and ML play a big role in its development.  

The pandemic has sped up the development of the idea. Because of this, to have success with this concept, firms need to be able to adapt and respond to changing circumstances. It is also known as “intelligent process automation” or “digital process automation”. 

Deep learning and machine learning help the machines learn and improve from algorithms. Meaning they can easily adapt to changes if need be. It also means that businesses will be able to automate and adjust to unexpected circumstances. So, AI, ML and automation will be an ever-changing part of our daily lives. 

None of us knows what 2021 holds. But what we do know is that AI will keep on developing and improving the way we live. From biometrics to smart cities and even automation, AI is just getting better and better. If the time ever comes when AI does take over our lives completely, maybe it won’t be such a bad thing after all.