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WeMove 1.0: The WeMove.co website is no longer MVP

How can you tell if people want to use an idea you’re fiddling with in your head? Several ways:

  1. Ask them.
  2. Do a survey and throw it out to the public.
  3. Build it, put it out there and take record of the response.

When I conceived the idea of WeMove last year, I decided to do no. 3 and it’s interesting how things have played out. You can see the result below, while running the website passively:

Total value of requests gotten on WeMove.co MVP between idea conception in Aug 2016 and June 30, 2017

Interesting right? I think so too. And these are just the booking requests which we have records of (a number of requests came in via phone calls and wasn’t recorded). These requests were gotten mainly via word-of-mouth recommendations.

Vehicle requested for ranged from sedans to Coaster buses to massive trucks. Demand came in from Individuals to FMCGs.

So far, so good!

However, between conception and today, a number of things have happened.

  1. I’ve built a small dedicated team.
  2. We’ve moved from just phone-based bookings to online form booking.
  3. We run an active WhatsApp group of vehicle owners, looking to get value on their vehicles; and getting it too.
  4. We’ve satisfied a good number of customers who’re amazingly appreciative of our service. See some of the testimonials here: http://wemove.co/testimonials
  5. We just went live with our 1.0 website: http://www.wemove.co.
The new WeMove.co website

Where are the vehicles?

So we have a repository of vehicles which we cycle bookings on. This new site should let the users choose the vehicles themselves, instead of us giving them. But we’ve disabled that temporarily.

Disabled because:

  1. We’re migrating them from the old database of the old site to the new one.
  2. The photographs aren’t at the standard that we want them to be, so we’re working on retaking them and making them more presentable.
  3. We’re also increasing the volume of vehicles. So if you have a vehicle you want to make money off, add it here: http://www.wemove.co/add.

(The options for adding vehicles are numerous: from Okada to commercial aircraft)

Earn Money on ANY VEHICLE

Along with the launch of our new website, we’re opening up the WeMove Guider Program to enable anyone add any vehicle and make money from the vehicle.

To be a WeMove Guider, all you need is to have an internet enabled phone, with a good camera. And know people with vehicles and who want to make money off their vehicles. Every successful booking on any vehicle you add gives you 1% off the booking value.

(For perspective, we got one request in March valued at NGN1.4M and we’ve successfully executed a single request valued at NGN480,000.)

In a later time, I’ll do a post on how to be a WeMove Guider, how to use the dashboard and what the full terms are.

In the meantime, you can add any vehicle and make money off it by going to: http://www.wemove.co/guider

I’m immensely grateful to everyone who have helped us spread the word. Most of these achievements were recorded because of you.

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