Webinars Can be as Efficient as In-Person Events with Nunify by@nunify

Webinars Can be as Efficient as In-Person Events with Nunify

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Nunify is a virtual events platform to host interactive live streams and online events like webinars, workshops etc.

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With virtual meetings, webinars, and online events being hosted on various online platforms, it's never been easier to attend a session of your choice! Many factors like location, accessibility, and convenience are addressed through this innovative technology.

Nunify is a virtual event platform that is a one-click solution for webinars, virtual events, and virtual meetings as it ensures a personalised networking & engagement experience for users, while offering a variety of engagement, monetization & gamification features for event hosts & sponsors.

Here's how webinars can be as efficient as traditional in-person meetings with virtual event platforms like Nunify:

1. Webinars eliminate geographical barriers

Looking at traditional meetings, webinars are accessible to a larger audience. As distance and location are no longer barriers, this will enable a bigger crowd to attend the session as people can join in from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Webinars offer global outreach as location isn’t a restriction, and you can expect to communicate with hundreds of potential and interested people in your line of work. These are not just effective sales tools, but are now being used to conduct professional training, seminars, conferences and so much more.

2. Webinars are cost-effective

In-person events & meetings can be pretty expensive. Imagine a company flying out all of its staff to a location and providing accommodation, food, and covering the travel expenses too. Webinars & events with gamification & engagement features can now be conducted virtually, offering a more cost-effective solution to companies and other organizations.

3. Minimal Effort + Time Saved = More Focus on Sales

Webinars can serve as a great medium to make sales happen with minimal effort. The wide range of audience that can be connected with and be made aware of your brand in a single session saves time and effort in nurturing leads individually, which is the case at in-person events. Engaging sessions with informative presentations will surely catch the eye of many potential users and customers and help you generate more sales.

4. Better Engagement with the Audience

A very important part of any event is reaching out and engaging with the attendees. Webinars are the way to go, if you want a better engagement with your audience. With features like emoji reactions, live Q&A, polls, breakout rooms and more, webinars & virtual events offer a variety of tools with which you can engage your virtual audience.

Participants can chat with each other and share their views and thoughts on the content being shared. All of this makes the participants more engaged with the session being conducted.

5. Guest Presentations Made Easier

Guest presentations bring credibility to your sessions, and also help build trust and add more value. Bringing in an expert, or a famous personality, can have a positive impact on your brand and its marketing efforts. Inviting guest speakers is also an opportunity to reach out to a larger universe of attendees and make new connections.

6. Showcase & Establish Thought-Leadership

Webinars are a great way to showcase your experience, offering, and brand value to the attendees. Webinars & Virtual Events enable you to share valuable content to a captive audience, which gives you the position of a thought-leader among the attendees.

In this time of continued social distancing, Webinars are a great alternative to in-person events as they make for a safe and convenient engagement for hosts & attendees.

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by Nunify @nunify.Nunify is a virtual events platform to host interactive live streams and online events like webinars, workshops etc.
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