Web3 Product-Market Fit and Marketing Strategy For Blockchain Startups in 2024by@dariavolkova
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Web3 Product-Market Fit and Marketing Strategy For Blockchain Startups in 2024

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In this article, I explain how marketing influences Product-Market Fit, which product marketing activities show a good result, and how to implement a strategy-first approach in Web3 product marketing. Everything goes from strategy to tactics. Winners in the Web3 space will be the ones that can clearly define: - Where in the spectrum of centralization vs decentralization will this product sit? - Is this a network-effect-driven business or not? - What does success look like? (User growth, TLV, developer activity, transaction volume, wallets connected, etc.) There are 5 strategic questions that any Web3 founder must answer together with the technical team and marketers/business development managers. From my experience and the experience of my colleagues, it is worth focusing on the following: - Product-Market Fit: What problem are you solving? Whom does it solve for? And what are potential solutions? - Product-Channel Fit: What are one or two distribution and acquisition channels that your product fits? - Channel-Model Fit: Do these channels fit your business model? - Model-Market Fit: How big and profitable is the market for your business model? - Community-Market Fit: Who are the top 1% of the community contributors on your market? As more competition comes into the Web3 space, current distribution channels will become less effective. Whether you are a centralized or decentralized Web3 company, there are four core concepts that your overall marketing and growth strategy should address: - Build trust - Remove friction - Accelerate the time-to-value - Product-led distribution Growth is about building a compounding, repeatable, and sustainable system. Brands become successful only when the semantic, visual and technical execution is coordinated and receives due attention from the founders of the business and people responsible for marketing.

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