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Web Design Tricks To Fuel Your Business Growth

Growing a business is not a piece of cake. It requires efforts right from the product creation to growth plans, developing marketing strategies and finally coming up with your website.

A well-designed website itself is enough to create a commendable image of your brand/business/service in the mind of the visitors. In addition to that, a good website design will surely make visitors stay longer on your page whereas a bad website design will instantly turn them off.

Web Design Tricks to Fuel Your Business Growth

To begin with, nobody likes to spend time on a site that is slow, ineffective or has an unoriginal design. So, a responsive and interactive website design ranks high when it comes to determining if a brand can be trusted upon or not.

Well, that is why it is so crucial to invest in website design. All successful brands and businesses invest a lot of time, effort and money to design a crisp and polished website. Even your brand/business can avail the services of top web design companies to get the best for your business.

First of all, let’s see what a well planned and meticulously curated website design will be able to do:

  • Portray an accurate picture of the brand
  • Make users feel comfortable and at ease
  • Give users all the information they need
  • Clearly draw attention to important calls to action
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Generate revenue for your business

Also, if all these aspects are satisfied the website will be an interactive and user-friendly web page. Now, such a web design has the potential to convert visitors into longtime customers. For creating such a website, the basic and the first step is to create a responsive website.

So, what basically is responsive website design?

A responsive website design involves designing a website in such a way that it adapts to fit any screen — smartphone, desktop, laptop or a tablet.

Also, a responsive website is designed in such a way that all the pages, actions and features are equally accessible regardless of the device the user is browsing on.

So, now that you have planned on designing a responsive website. What next?

There are many tricks and tips to make your website design stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at a few vital tricks to achieve that:

1) Parallax Scrolling

With so many websites at their disposal, grabbing the attention of any user is a mammoth task.

So, if a user visits your site and finds out that he has to put in lots of efforts like clicking past every submenu to navigate, in no time the user will move on to the next site.

This is where parallax scrolling comes in handy.

With parallax scrolling in place, users don’t even have to click a button to navigate through the website.

So, what exactly is parallax scrolling?

In web designing, parallax scrolling refers to using visual effects along with 2D scrolling to build an illusion of layers and depth in the UX.

To achieve this, distinctive foreground and background designs are used. Their moving speed is different so that they can convey a seamless online story via the scrollbar.

While there are varying approaches, generally, the background moves at a much slower pace than the foreground to portray that illusion throughout the page.

The best part is that the user doesn’t even have to lift a finger to access the page. It stimulates the user with different levels of depth and a sense of animation and thus is more attractive. Plus it is engaging and visually appealing.

With just a swipe, users can easily make their way through the page. The user has to put no efforts to access the page which means more customer retention rate.

Also using parallax scrolling will make it easy to prioritize and manage your content visibility.

2) Video Landing Page

The worldwide video consumption for the past year was between 65% to 95%, according to a report by Statista.

This shows that online video consumption is on the rise. All the big brands and businesses have leveraged on this trend and created a video landing page for their website.

Undoubtedly, written content and images still hold relevance in web design, but with video landing pages, the conversion rate is better. So they are increasingly becoming popular and they act as a powerful medium to convey the information.

So, incorporate videos in your website design to gain maximum benefit and generate leads.

But, don’t just embed any old or outdated video for the sake of incorporating a video. It will do more harm than good. Embed videos which illustrate what product/service the brand has to offer.

You can target a video to a direct call to action on a web page or create an immersive auto-play video on your homepage.

3) Custom Typography

The more visible the text, the longer the customer stays on the web page. Good typography makes reading easy breezy whereas bad typography turns users off.

The fonts used in your web page should be such that users are easily able to scan and read through the website.

Gone are the days when boring stock fonts were used for website designing. Making use of unique fonts will establish your an identity for your brand and make your website interactive.

You can use typography while designing the logo or use them in your main menu, sub-menu or in-between the content to draw attention to the important parameters.

Don’t use novelty type faces or letter forms which are difficult to read. Use fonts which have distinguishable letters.

Also, using custom typography doesn’t imply that you can use several different fonts. Too many styles and sizes can make the website look unprofessional and unstructured.

Well, typography is a very crucial aspect of web design. It makes the website content readable, legible and understandable.

The typography should be able to build a solid framework. Bad typography choices are distracting and can wreck the layout. Even a small web design mistake can affect your rankings and page visits.


A well planned and strategized website design has the potential to cultivate a loyal consumer base which in turn will help in growing your business exponentially.

While an appealing website design is important, don’t lose sight of what the website is really for. The more conversions the website produces, the more revenue your business is going to generate.

The secret is to keep customer experience at the forefront while designing your website. The website design should be such that potential customers can easily contact you.

So, incorporate these website designing tricks and make your business grow by leaps and bounds!

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