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Wearable Tech Gadgets Can Boost Our Productivity

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You’ll agree with me that prioritizing your tasks and events helps you to stay productive.


Wearable tech gadgets are the new innovations making it easier for you to keep track of your events while staying productive — eliminating the distractions from your smartphone.

A recent study shows that wearable tech devices positively affects employee wellbeing, productivity and job satisfaction if used correctly.

The study also found that workers’ productivity increased by 8.5% while job satisfaction increased by 3.5%.

“Wearable technologies are arguably the biggest trend since tablet computing so it’s natural that employees and businesses will look to use these devices in the workplace,” —- Dr Chris Brauer

Companies in a range of work settings have begun trying to integrate wearable technology into their workplace with the hopes of creating a more efficient workforce.

Some employees may be wary of wearables because of data monitoring by their employers and some employers may have some reservations because of the sizable initial investment required but let’s see why the potential for growth and benefits remain amazing.

How Do Wearable Tech Gadgets Boost Productivity

When used correctly, wearable tech gadgets improve productivity. Studies have proven this points but first let’s see a few cases were it might help.

It Boosts Efficiency And Speed

Wearable tech gadgets such as smart watches have some inbuilt features that  help users complete their daily tasks more quickly. The most notable of such features is voice command

With voice command active on your wearable device, you can perform a myriad of tasks hands-free from taking notes on the go, to dictating emails, setting reminders and making lists —- which saves you a whole bunch of time. 

According to the Human Cloud at Work research, it was noticed that wearable devices inspires time management and efficiently. The participants who used wearable tech gadgets were more aware of their activity and productivity levels which inspired them to work harder.

To start with, shopping for smart watches might be a good decision if you are looking to improve productivity in 2020.

Reduces Distraction And Improves Communication

For some people, technology can be a distraction and a killer of your productive time with everyone trying to grab your attention, but when tech is used properly it can help you get at your best.

Imaging if at a glance you can look at your schedule or get needed information from your wearable gadget without having to dig out your phone from your pocket, you would be less likely to miss out on important events, and manage your time and communication properly. 

You can select the notifications you want to receive on your smart watch and block out non-work related messages and notifications. By minimizing alerts to clients and work related contacts, entrepreneurs  are less likely to be distracted during their busy hours. 

Smart glasses such as Google Glass also enable field workers to better record and use data.

It Acts As A Health Tracker

Wearable tech gadgets also helps you keep track of your health. To be honest, the very first productivity principle is being healthy.

The first wearable gadgets were intended for health purposes before evolving into the devices we have today which serve other purposes, but still include fitness and health related features. 

Posture monitors encourage good posture which improves overall blood flow thereby enhancing focus and mental activity. Healthy workers are also more likely to be efficient and take less sick days thus increasing man-hours and productivity in the long run.

And you tend to be more satisfied with your job and accomplishment if you are healthy and feel more productive at work.

Google and Samsung seem to be leading in the wearable devices space and several other unbranded options you can look at depending on your budget. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to buy one for yourself they are of different prices. There is definitely a smart wearable device for everyone.


As the telecom technology will change from 4G to 5G, the number of connected wearable devices will jump from 526 million in 2016 to a whopping 1.1 billion in 2022. As astounding as it may sound, wearable technology has also introduced Bitcoin wallets that facilitate the payment making process through exchanges like xCoins

With that being said, it makes sense to say wearable tech gadgets are becoming a standard in the business world to help improve workplace and personal productivity. It’s worth giving a shot and try to see if it works for you.

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@faizan4itFaizan Raza

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