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Hackernoon logoWe created a Covid19 tracking dashboard by@edemagbenyo

We created a Covid19 tracking dashboard

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@edemagbenyoEdem Agbenyo

Passionate software developer with over 5 years of experience. Sedem's father.

So my former coding partner Collins from Microverse and I decided to create a simple dashboard to track the novel coronavirus. This dashboard which is live here offers the following features that differentiate it from the others:

  1. A graph showing the growth of cases, death and recoveries globally.
  2. A list of all countries with their cases(confirmed, death and recoveries) with recoveries and mortality rate.
  3. Detail information per country and a graph on the cases growth over time of one month.
  4. Preventive measures to be followed to be safe
  5. Symptoms presented by someone infected

This dashboard is far from being perfect, as we know a lot could be added to it. However, this is our little quota in helping people have an idea of how this disease is spreading and what can be done to slow its spread.

Tech stack

The data is being sourced from and COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSEย through this library

This dashboard is using vanilla Javascript for the most part and reactjs(without create-react-app) to display the cases label on the welcome page. The graph is implemented with Chartjs and we used DatatableJS to display the data in the table with searching, sorting and pagination abilities.

Known issues or improvement

  1. Automatically detect the country of visitor and show cases information
  2. Mark countries as a favourite, and show those countries data on top of the table on subsequent visits.
  3. Show daily addition of cases to inform the visitor of daily cases.

The project is open-source, therefore you could also contribute to it here.


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