We Built A Trader's Almanac And The Results Are Promising by@jare

We Built A Trader's Almanac And The Results Are Promising

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Years of work and we’re ready to announce a product for you: Trader’s Almanac.

I made 11% on six 3x ETFs in the last 22 days...

...and my boss is up literally 80% in a few months ;)

Hey folks!

Whatever taste you have in the back of your mind about Jare’s work, you should give special consideration for when I collaborate (and have my code reviewed, yadda yadda). You should also seriously consider Trader Almanac’s signals that are generated by the neuro-evolutionary artificial intelligence :)

While we haven’t announced the launch of our first SaaS (which may not be the prettiest… but ‘tis functional) yet on our Discord, I thought I’d give my email subscribers and Hackernoon readers an exclusive first-chance to come onboard :)

Hey! Mark! Guess what we’re trading? 3x ETFs of indexes n sh#t.

Yesterday, the AI told me to close my open positions. Since then, the markets have gone insane and these instruments saw a 4-5% loss AFTER the AI told me to exit.


Word to the Wise

Now, I’ve since learned that I can instruct the SaaS to ONLY email me when there’s a change in the signals - truth be told, my total returns were hit by me not noticing the changed sentiment until after it hurt my total returns.


What did it look like, after the dust settled?


We’re $1500 USD up (even after down 4-5% in the last day) on $17649 CAD (or 13828.34 USD) - just about 11% over 22 days, or 11/22*365=182.5% APY



We’re really, really excited to start all of our non-correlated strats in production, and get this thing rollin’.

We care about regular people. As crypto enthusiasts, we believe that our efforts should benefit everyone.

Bank the unbanked.

Empower every (wo)man.

Our retail offering is smarter, faster, and has higher yields (potentially) than the markets.


Sign up here: https://tradersalmanac.ai, before we’re forced to make the barrier to entry more than $49.99/mo lol. Seriously, after we hit 100 paying subscribers the price increases to some magical and as-yet undetermined new pricepoint.

Get in while this is hot, folks! I’ve been trading Genome 9. You can check n compare the results of the different genomes with the performance charts option, note that ‘live’ data only exists from Aug 2020 onwards.



Final Thot

Have some juicey pre-alpha sh#t to look forward to:


(Disclaimer: The author works at Trader Almanac)


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