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Hackernoon logoWatch out Chrome, Microsoft Edge is All set to Have an Edge on you by@gururaj-swamy9

Watch out Chrome, Microsoft Edge is All set to Have an Edge on you

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How to stay unique and still give a hard time to competitors? Well, we can learn something about it from Microsoft.

Microsoft is all set to make its mark by rolling out new features and stay different, better and user-friendly to its customers.

Let's check out the new features which will be available soon.

1. Smart call feature

Longer hours of work from home due to this pandemic implies many video calls.

Creating a video call link is a bummer if you just want things quick and easy, like me.

With “Meet Now” (a new video-calling feature of Microsoft Edge), you can begin a video call with almost 50 people.

No more fancy software installation—just tap on Meet Now on the new tab page, create a link and share it.

Don’t check out right away, the new feature will be rolled out in upcoming weeks.

2. New screenshot tool

Do you squint while taking a screenshot and feel like a bomb-squad carefully plucking out things?

Well, give your fingers some rest, as the new feature will rescue you.

No more going to the search bar, opening a screenshot app which takes forever to open or get an extension on the browser.

Now, Edge’s screenshot tool will scroll down the entire page or image and let you take a screenshot with just a click.

All you have to do:

Tap on the web capture, preview it and share it instantly. Easy, right?

3. Price comparison feature

This one is a bliss for online shopaholics.

Who doesn’t compare prices while shopping online? Well, everyone loves to do it but it’s not an easy task.

\With this new feature, you can actually compare prices without switching between tabs in the browser.

In-built “compare price to other retailers” surely makes things easy as shown in the gif attached.

In near future, Edge is expected to have coupon options too.

4. Pinterest integration

With ‘Collection feature’ in-built in Edge, you can save images, text or web pages directly into your Pinterest boards.

‘Collections’ lets you export stuff to OneNote, Excel, Pinterest and Word, but sharing stuff through email is yet to be rolled out.

But hey, these new features are a great start for Edge.

I wish it good luck!

Share your thoughts about these cool and new improvements.

Image credits: Microsoft


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