Wanna Hire a Professional Logo Designer in California? San Diego Offers the Best Price. by@techbehemoths

Wanna Hire a Professional Logo Designer in California? San Diego Offers the Best Price.

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The number of new companies grows significantly each year, and so do the logo requests. It seems that in 2021 there is no room left for new logos and everything is taken already. This is one of the reasons why the prices for logo designs are so high lately.

We are going to California in this article - probably the world’s largest tech hub where innovation and creativity bloom. As web design is a very competitive industry, each city has its own pricing and while you may think that Los Angeles is expensive at logo design and San Diego is cheaper, things may turn out to be different.

San Jose - the most expensive city for logo design

According to web design companies that list on TechBehemoths, 37.8% of them charge between $70-150/hour for designing a logo. Cheaper than that, only 4.4% have an hourly rate between $30-70, and only 2.2% of all companies take under $30 for an hour of logo design.

At the other end of the spectrum, 27.6% of IT companies and web designers from San Jose will ask for a significantly higher price - between $150-200/hour. Also, 28% of the companies do not disclose their pricing policies for this service.

In the end, San Jose takes the name of the most expensive city for logo design services, or in other words, in San Jose, it costs on average $120/hour to hire a company to design a logo for a business.


San Diego - the best price for logo design services

San Diego IT companies and web agencies charge less for logo design services, at least in California. According to the 23 companies specializing in logo design, the average hourly rate for this service is $100. More than half, or 56.5% of all companies have an hourly rate between $70-150. At the same time, only 13% of all companies charge between $150-200/hour for logo design, even fewer - 4.3% charge above $250/hour.

The cheapest price you can get in San Diego for logo design is somewhere between $30-70/hour. 8.7% of all companies declared this price and 4.1%. There are also companies that did not disclose their hourly rate for this service - 17.5%.

In the end, what matters is the final result, and if San Diego IT companies and web agencies provide the same quality services like those from other cities, then it may be the best option.


Los Angeles - the middle option for logo design services

Los Angeles, IT companies and web agencies charge on average $108/hour for logo design services. So, if you don’t want to go too cheap or too expensive - then LA is more balanced in pricing. Plus, there are a lot of companies from which to choose.

While 61.8% of all logo design agencies from Los Angeles have an hourly rate between $70-150, the rest of the pricing spectrum in LA is segmented differently:

  • 8.8% of all LA companies charge between $150-200/hour
  • 2.9% of all companies take $250+/hour
  • 5.9% of all web agencies from LA charge between $30-70/hour
  • 11.8% of the respondents make less than $30/hour

Also, 8.8% of all IT companies and web agencies from LA did not disclose their pricing for logo design services.



On average, in California, a web design agency would charge around $109/hour for designing a logo. This is very close to what a company from Los Angeles would charge. On the other hand, you don’t save too much money or spend too much if you choose to go with an agency from San Jose or San Diego.

Designing a logo may take up to 1 month, and not less than a few hours. It is a creative process, and if the requirement is to design something from scratch and there is no mood board, ideas of colors, and similar logos on the market, then the designer might take the full 1-month period to reveal the concept, ideas, and logo variations.

The highest price to pay for a logo design in California is around $17,440, while the cheapest would be around $500-700. On the other hand, more business owners are creating the logo using free or low-cost tools, and this might be an option if you don’t have a planned budget for a logo.