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[Visual] The Exponential Boom, Bust and Rebirth of the ICO Economy, ie Dotcom Bubble with Dumber…

The blockchain build up is eerily reminiscent of the Dotcom era — inexperienced founders with only an idea raising absurd amounts of money to build a product and take it to market….

Thoughts? Are you big on blockchain? Bitcoin? Ethereum? What’s your cryptocoin of choice?

Feel free to debate the merits in the comments below. Is this a bubble? Will it pop?


Crypto Bonuses:

Interviewed a few crypto experts on the topic. Here are their thoughts:

Future of Cryptocurrency Roundtable with Joey Krug, Gil Penchina, Andy Bromberg — CEO CoinList and Lou Kerner

For more insights from the thoughtleading panelists, check out the following:

Joey Krug of Augur and Pantera Capital on Future of ICOs and public markets

Lou Kerner of Hackernoon on Cryptocurrencies and Future of Monopolies

How Gil Penchina Tried to Lose Money and Hit 5 Unicorns and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

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