Virtual Crypto Cards And The Art of Spending Your Bling  by@eugenefried

Virtual Crypto Cards And The Art of Spending Your Bling

A list of the 5 best Virtual Crypto Cards with low transaction fees that you should apply for today.
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If you have invested in crypto and are earning a good return on it, things might seem perfect. But how practical is it to hold the token if you can’t spend it? In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have attracted hundreds of thousands of investors and have, to a certain extent, captured the financial ecosystem. However, the payments market still remains largely untapped. But, that will soon be a thing of the past with the launch of some user-friendly Virtual Crypto Cards. 

Like a conventional one, a crypto card helps you make a payment, the only difference being that users make these through their crypto holdings. Be it online payments, in-store shopping, or withdrawing cash from ATMs, most crypto cards offer all these functionalities. 

In recent years, the transaction fees and other charges for using Crypto Cards have considerably reduced, and subsequently, the demand has shot through the roof. These charges are now either similar to the conventional cards or slightly higher, depending on the card supplier.

To help you find the right one, we have made a list of the 5 best Virtual Crypto Cards with low transaction fees that you should apply for today. 

1. Embily: Simply the Best Option

Embily is one of the best options when it comes to Virtual Crypto Cards. It offers the option to easily add cryptocurrencies to the wallet through a user-friendly web app at optimal exchange rates. The cryptocurrency is immediately converted into EUR and can be used to make payments, withdraw cash from ATMs, or pay bills, among a lot of other things. 

With Embily, you don’t need to worry about hidden charges since there are none. It’s all upfront, so no last-minute surprises there! The transaction fees are low too. To keep things simple and straightforward, Embily doesn’t want you to buy or store tokens.

Also, the setup process is quick and seamless, and you can have the Virtual Crypto Debit Card ready for use in less than five minutes. The physical card will be delivered free of cost to your address shortly after the application is processed. 

Besides, the Embily Crypto Card complies with PCI DSS 3.2, a standard recognized worldwide, thus making it one of the secure payment options. This particular safety standard ensures that user's banking data, as well as, transactions are safe and never fall into the wrong hands.

The Embily Crypto Card can be used across the globe in countries where Visa cards are accepted. There is also the option to connect it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay account for seamless and effortless payments. So, whether you are on a business tour or vacation, the Embily Crypto Card will be your perfect companion.

To apply for the Embily Virtual Crypto Card or find out more about it, visit the official website 

2. Crypterium: Ideal for a Higher Spending Limit

Crypterium has made a name for itself in the market, owing to several factors. First, it accepts a plethora of cryptocurrencies, so adding funds to your Crypto Card wouldn’t be much trouble. Secondly, the application process is quick, and you will receive the Virtual Crypto Card in less than 20 minutes. It also offers high limits on payments and ATM withdrawals, with the former being €10,000 and the latter set at €2500.

As was the case earlier, you can connect your Crypterium Virtual Card with Apple Pay and make payments anytime and everywhere.

To find out more about the Crypterium Virtual Card, visit the official website

3. Unbanked: Retain Your Crypto Until the Time of Purchase

The Unbanked Crypto Card has a slight edge over the other available options, owing to the fact that it does not convert your Crypto holding into Fiat currency until the time you make a purchase. Also, it offers users the option to stake their crypto tokens and earn an APY (Annual Profit Yield) up to 6.38% on every purchase. 

The Unbanked Crypto Card can be connected to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay accounts for frictionless transactions.

To apply for the Unbanked Virtual Crypto Card, visit the official website

4. Nexo: Works Like a Charm, High Rewards, and Low APR

Nexo works on a completely different protocol compared to other crypto cards. With this, you can retain the ownership of your crypto and not convert it into Fiat currency, thus keeping your portfolio intact and unaffected. Here, you use crypto as collateral to secure easy credit of up to 90% (of the value of the collateral) from the platform.

Also, Nexo offers rewards on every purchase, 0.5% for BitCoin and 2% for the native $NEXO token. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is low, ranging from 0-13.9%, which is one of the USPs of the Nexo Crypto Card.    

To get a Nexo Virtual Card today, apply on the official website

5. Uquid: The Conversion Charges Couldn’t Get Any Lower

The transaction and conversion charges have long acted as a deterrent for people switching to Crypto Card, but Uquid has effectively eliminated this barrier. It offers the best rates for converting Crypto into Fiat currency. Also, users do not need a bank account or credit history to apply for a Uquid Virtual Crypto Card. 

The card works on a prepaid basis, meaning, you can only spend the amount pre-added to your card. This way, you will never end up in debt, as is often the case with Crypto Credit Cards, and have your finances under control. The Uquid platform also offers the option to convert Fiat currency, for instance, USD to EUR. 

To find out all about Uquid Virtual Crypto Card, visit the official website

These are the five best options available in the market and would meet every single one of your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your Crypto Virtual Card today!

Disclosure: This story was submitted to HackerNoon by an independent contributor. Hence the information contained therein has also been researched and compiled independently.

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