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Virtual Classroom: Time Management Strategies For An Online Teacher

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The COVID19 pandemic has pushed everyone indoors in order to curb the spread of the virus. This has led to schools resorting to an online classroom set up to keep the learning going.

Students may have turned towards online learning due to school closures because of the pandemic or just to learn a new skill, but for the class instructor transitioning to this format, it can get a little chaotic.

When it comes to online courses, the classroom instructor must be familiar with the tools and technology to be used for delivering learning and the learning material beforehand because it can waste a lot of valuable time if they dive into it last minute. There is also so much to discuss, review, and respond to, which is impossible without good management of time.

Since an online classroom is quite different from a traditional in-person classroom, an online instructor must incorporate some specific strategies in order to manage the students well. Below are four proven strategies that can help you in time management when teaching an online course:

1. Create the schedule beforehand.

For an online classroom instructor, it’s really important to keep track of the class schedules and deadlines in order to save time. Since you may have multiple classes to conduct, you can make to-do lists to structure your day well and have more clarity about all your tasks.

The simplest way to do this efficiently is to create the schedule beforehand and put it all on an online calendar. For instance, Google Calendar. This ensures you have all the information in one place and the notifications from the Calendar will save you from forgetting anything important. 

2. Make use of technical tools.

With the advancement in technology, online class instructors can get their hands on some really amazing tools to save time. They come with features that make online classrooms more engaging, allow you to keep track of time, and share information via screen-share seamlessly.

One such tool is time tracking software that helps you keep track of how much time is being spent on each activity. These can be used by the instructor to organize the class schedule or even to make time-bound quizzes fun with a countdown timer.

3. Organize in order of importance.

A typical online classroom session may include activities like teaching a topic, discussing it, evaluating assignments done by students, timed tests, Q&A with the students, etc. In order to maximize the productivity of the session, decide the order of tasks by their level of importance. 

When you stick to order, you can accomplish all the high priority tasks first and be ensured that all tasks get completed efficiently. For instance, you can start a class by reading and explaining the decided topic, holding a discussion about it, and then finally answering any questions the students may have.

4. Encourage feedback.

It's no secret that the average attention span of a learner is relatively lower in an online classroom than in a traditional in-person classroom. It's possible for students to feel disengaged if they don’t understand certain topics and lose track. It is equally easier to get distracted in an online class.

Take feedback from students regularly about what is working for them and what isn’t so you can save time by avoiding things that aren’t working. Once a section of a current topic is done, keep it open for discussion so you understand if the students have understood it or not. This helps you in evaluating the impact of your teaching so you can plan your next class more time-efficiently.


When you teach online, it can be an enormous challenge to manage time efficiently. By utilizing the above-mentioned strategies, it is possible for instructors to create an enjoyable and productive learning experience for the students without feeling overwhelmed.


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