Build Versatile and Intelligent Distributed Systems with Grid Ops — Part 1

This is a follow up of posts [1] [2] [3] aimed at sharing some thoughts about the work we are doing at regarding distributed systems.

The core vision behind the has always been to help developers create faster, more versatile and more intelligent distributed systems communicating via smarter Internet protocols. This includes both distributed systems on the public Internet, distributed systems inside private networks, and hybrids between the two. One of the fundamental pieces of implementing our vision is an open source Java toolkit called Grid Ops.

What Is Grid Ops?

Grid Ops is an open source toolkit for creating advanced distributed systems. It will come with several distributed use cases already pre-implemented, so developers don’t have to do that themselves. That way Grids Ops will eventually become a Swiss army knife for distributed systems that will take care of the distributed infrastructure, so developers can focus on the application side.

Grid Ops implements our network protocol IAP. By controlling both the network protocol and the platform we can make sure that the support for common distributed use cases are more elegantly and naturally supported. We plan to support basic message exchange patterns like client-server, reverse server and reverse client.

We also plan to support at least the most basic distributed use cases like service discovery, RPC and file exchange, but we are also considering P2P and DHT type use cases. And then we have one surprise up our sleeves which we will tell you about in the future!

Although we started with a Java implementation, in future we hope to be able to make implementations in other languages such as C# and D . Long term we hope to see Grid Ops as an alternative to the Java EE platform for many of the distributed use cases where Java EE is not very well suited.

Grid Ops Stack Overview

This is it for now, we will continue with more technical details in follow up posts. If you would like to play with Grid Ops please visit our GitHub page and for code samples please check here. We are gearing up for the public launch of some of our hosted infrastructure services, if you would like to receive early access invite pleaseSubscribe here.

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