U.S. President Donald Trump's Official Word on "Monetizing the Chinese" by@anderson-lele

U.S. President Donald Trump's Official Word on "Monetizing the Chinese"

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U.S.President Donald Trump says in a Press Conference: we are monetizing the Chinese app, manly TikTok. TikTok might be banned in the United States. In addition, He says, we are not allowing or support any U.S company Own it. Trump also says that they are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok.


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As of late as today, Microsoft was supposed to be in converses with purchase TikTok from ByteDance. ByteDance as of now esteemed at around $100 billion, and TikTok's sticker price has been supposed to be around $50 billion. Funding firms Sequoia and General Atlantic, speculators in ByteDance, are likewise supposed to be intrigued. Those discussions would now be in danger, obviously, and the value that any organization including Microsoft may be happy to pay for the Internet-based life hit is likely tumbling.

TikTok ban After from India, TikTok India CEO Says that there is not Compromising any user’s data. They told us, Indian user’s data is protected from the Chinese Government and also, they do not share any data with any others. But in China, there is a rule, If the Chinese government wants something from the Chinese company, they have to give them.  TikTok has been claimed that they losing $6 billion in the Indian market. China may go throughout the World Trade Organization and complain file against India.\


In recent United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says “The mission set is to protect American national security and this case the information of American citizens and so, whether it’s TikTok or any of the other Chinese communication platforms apps infrastructure this admiration took seriously the requirement to protect the American citizens from having their information end up in the hands of the Chinese communist party and so, we are working through a process where all the relevant agencies and the private sector are getting to say their peace. We hope to have a set of decisions shortly.

Mike Pompeo is not saying the exact date or time but in Opinion the result coming soon. Rumors the administration officials have told me behind the scenes that a decision is on the deck over at the white house and it could be announced soon.