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Unveiling Crowdin Enterprise. New Technology to Build Multilingual Software

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It’s pretty amazing how many tech products expand globally. Reaching new markets and looking for new business opportunities. Even despite today’s economic challenges. What’s much less pleasurable to observe is the amount of effort localization can take if done without proper technology.

And that’s where Crowdin sees its mission – bring agility to the localization processes and help teams ship products to the global audience faster.

Crowdin, a localization management solution trusted by GitLab, GitHub, Xiaomi, and many more, helps to integrate localization in the development process. With this post, we’re unveiling our new product – Crowdin for Enterprise to the Hackernoon community out there.

New Crowdin is currently launched in public beta and offers a completely new experience in multilingual software development. It gives more control, flexibility, and security. We believe this technology will help you see localization in quite a different light.

Separate Secure Cloud Environment

You start your work on Crowdin Enterprise by creating an Organization. It’s a single space to organize your localization projects, connect the systems you use, invite all the people involved, and manage all the translatable content. 

You can build a hierarchy for your projects, organizing them into Groups to manage resources and grant permissions easily. Groups function like folders and help to assemble related projects together. You can have, for example, separate groups for marketing materials, websites, or apps you localize.

To ensure advanced security, every organization has own encrypted database hosted at Amazon Web Services. There’s also a whole range of security features like custom authorization methods, OAuth with Google, security log for the organization, network access restriction, and many more.

Automating Every Step

Automation makes localization agile. Multiple integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure Repos, Jira, Zendesk, Sketch, Figma, and others will allow you to integrate systems you use with Crowdin Enterprise and arrange a continuous localization cycle.

For Android and iOS app localization, you can use Crowdin Mobile SDKs to deliver translations over-the-air.

Besides, each project on Crowdin Enterprise has a predefined Workflow that consists of the specific steps the content should go through.

Project workflow can include the steps like Translation Memory or Machine Engine Pre-Translation, Translation or Proofreading by Vendor, Crowdsourcing, and more. 

Each step can have different target languages and assignees. 

You can also add the Switch Source Language step to facilitate translation between less common language pairs or start with the Source Text Review step. Create a workflow template that works best for you and then assign it to several projects. Or customize steps for each project separately.

Crowdin Enterprise comes with the new extended API 2.0 that covers all its main functionality. So you can add or update files, download translations, and script any simple or complex action you need.

You can also build your own app on Crowdin Enterprise and build custom integrations as new API 2.0 allows them to connect to any third-party apps or services using personal access tokens and OAuth2.

Advanced Resources and Permissions Management

Building project hierarchy within your organization will help to manage localization resources such as Translation Memories, Glossaries, Machine Translation engines for groups at once. 

With Crowdin Enterprise, you can collaborate with in-house translators, freelancers, several translation vendors simultaneously.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to easily configure access to files, tasks, languages, and reports on a granular level. You can also create Teams to assign several people to a project step in a click.

Don’t Believe – Go See

Crowdin Enterprise is packed with the advanced features and has all the flexibility to fit into any (we mean ANY) localization workflow. 

We can’t wait to hear how you're using the new Crowdin Enterprise. So feel free to hit us up with your comments or question.

Personal demo with a tech manager seems like a perfect first step to learn more about the new solution. Or you can take it for a test drive just now.

TL;DR: Crowdin for Enterprise, new advanced TMS, launched in public beta.

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Localization management for agile teams. Learn more at


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