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Unikrn & Playwire Sign Exclusive Brand Deal with the Sacramento Kings NBA2k Esports Team

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When people ask what Unikrn is, here’s my response: Unikrn is a global esports company built on cutting edge blockchain technology. We have endemic esports expertise, a thriving community of users and innovative esports bookmaking. Anybody who recognizes gaming as a respectable hobby, whether it’s casually, competitively or as a spectator, will find a home with Unikrn.

Right now, we have a global network of players logging their stats and earning UnikoinGold when they play CS:GO, LOL, Dota 2 or earning UnikoinSilver from Rocket League. Every day, every hour, we have players who see Unikrn as an extension of their lifestyle.

We have combined millions who tune in to hear our podcasts and Dash Radio programs, read breaking esports news and analysis, gaming tips, watch esports broadcasts, event highlights and industry interviews. Unikrn’s content shows our devotion to esports and gaming, and it’s demonstrable of our commitment to being a centerpiece for a lifestyle.

In fact, you can help share our contributions to others by helping nominate Unikrn as esports coverage website of the year at the Esports Awards. A well-deserved nomination for our content team would help introduce a lot more interested eyes to Unikrn and UnikoinGold.

To our readers, to our players, to our token users, to fans of our esports teams, such as BIG, to the players in our CME tournaments, to those who have come out and play Fortnite, FIFA, Tekken and many other games at our events in the MGM Grand and other casinos, Unikrn is quickly becoming too large to be contained by any one label. The same is true of those who bet on our platform, whether its with fiat, play-for-free with UnikoinSilver, or those looking forward to our approaching crypto betting rollout.

We are a lifestyle brand that defines esports fandom, gaming enthusiasm and crypto adoption.

Today’s News

As such — and as a trusted arbiter of quality in esports — we’re announcing that Unikrn, along with our existing partners Playwire, are going to be exclusively representing the Sacramento Kings’ first esports franchise, the NBA 2K Kings Guard.

This team is managed by Shaq and has performance and mentality leadership from UFC hall of famer Urijah Faber, was noted by Forbes as the team to beat in NBA 2K and is supported by Fast Company’s 2017 Most Innovative Company in sports (the Kings). The Kings stadium is nuts, one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the business.

That sort of excellence stands out, and of course they gravitated to Unikrn to help them build a bridge between themselves, brands and esports audiences. Through this relationship, we will drive more brands to the Kings, and we aim to integrate our token into brand promotions and means of competition.

We are excited to help bring traditional sports franchises into the future. We are proud to have the proof of excellence to be the definitive esports partners to brands such as the Kings, Playwire, the MGM Grand, and that we’re recognized as a leader by the Malta Gaming Authority (among others).

The Future of Unikrn

Everything we do, we do with our users in mind. Our platform is increasingly powered by some of the world’ most cutting-edge blockchain technology, given life from UnikoinGold and given unmatched growth with nonstop innovation, and given strength by its many daily users.

Because we’re a blockchain-powered company, we’ll always be working through the voices of crypto speculators. But they are not our focus. You, our users, have always been and will always be our focus. We made UnikoinGold, Unikrn Esports, Unikrn content, the Unikrn Wallet, the Unikrn Esportsbook and everything else we do with you in mind.

We’ve been hiring like gangbusters top talent across industries throughout the world to bring our applications, content, events, partnerships and, yes, our sportsbook to the next level. We have a ton in the works. That’s UnikoinGold applications, esports experiences, partnerships and features, new and improved content, betting rollouts and new regions.

Thanks for joining me in a Unikrn life. I promise it will only get better.


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