Transfer Big Data Across Cloud Platforms With Ease by@Couchdrop

Transfer Big Data Across Cloud Platforms With Ease

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Couchdrop offers easy file transfer to the cloud. It also supports cloud migrations with MoveBot

With Big Data and the rise of more affordable object storage such as; Wasabi Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2, the need to move large amounts of data from the big three cloud providers is trending. But how do you do it? Often it is is near impossible, or extremely hard to break up with someone like Jeff Bezos and go somewhere with cheaper rates.

MoveBot is built on the Couchdrop's cloud architecture. The solution is completely cloud native, enabling the solution to scale to your demands whilst remaining secure and easy to use and removing any downtime from your day to day operations.

MoveBot works by you logging into their Web GUI and connecting your source and destination storage providers. This often involves your API and Secret Keys. You have the ability to enable a recurring sync to ensure the data between provider is up to date for when you are ready to go live with your new provider.

Once you are happy you simply "kick off" the migration job and move on with your other tasks. On completion you will receive an email informing you of its success.

Compared to some of the others in the cloud storage migration market, MoveBot prides itself on its security, ease of use and no hidden costs .

They only charge you on completion of your job and also support on-premise infrastructure via native SFTP, SMB/CIFS and NFS (yes, no software installation or agents needed).

Overall, the pricing works out reasonably cheap, at 0.08 cents per GB, when moving from traditional S3 providers to Wasabi and Backblaze, often you recuperate your costs to move in only a few months. If moving with the support of Wasabi or Backblaze additional discount is provided on the above rate.

Finally, one value that is highly valuable for large data migrations is the ability to increase workers (bots) to increase the speed of the job. This is all controllable when configuring your MoveBot migration job, really making it a true self-service offering.

If moving large amounts of data between cloud storage providers, or to finally get your on-premise storage to the cloud is on your to-do list. Then MoveBot can step up, create an army and get the job done.


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