Towards Universal Atomic Composability: Incorporating Zk-proofsby@escholar
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Towards Universal Atomic Composability: Incorporating Zk-proofs

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This paper offers a thorough formal model that addresses atomic composability across multiple rollups on Ethereum.
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This paper is available on arxiv under CC 4.0 license.


(1) Dipankar Sarkar, Cryptuon Research and [email protected]

4 Incorporating Zk-proofs

To integrate zk-proofs into the model effectively, it would require the rollups participating in this system to be zk-proof compatible. They should be able to generate and verify these proofs efficiently. Furthermore, standardization of proofs related to atomic composability would be necessary to ensure smooth inter-rollup operations [4].

1. Verification Functions: Introduce verification functions within the model that use zkproofs. These functions can quickly validate the correctness and completion of dependent transactions without needing full transparency into the transactions [2].

2. Reduced Buffering Requirement: With zk-proofs validating transaction dependencies almost immediately, the need for extensive buffering can be reduced. Transactions can be executed swiftly after their zk-proof verifications succeed [3].

3. Privacy Maintenance: As zk-proofs can validate statements without revealing the underlying data, transactions across rollups can maintain higher degrees of privacy, even in interdependent scenarios [1].

4. Slashing with zk-proofs: The monitoring and reporting mechanism can also utilize zkproofs. Watchers can provide a zk-proof of misbehavior, which if validated, can lead to punitive measures [12].

5. Proofs of Dependency Resolution: In the case of cyclic or complex dependencies, zkproofs can be crafted to ensure that all necessary conditions across rollups have been met without revealing the specifics of the transactions involved [6].

The integration of zk-proofs does introduce added cryptographic complexity, but with the advantages of swift validation, reduced need for buffering, and enhanced privacy, they can significantly bolster the robustness and efficiency of the atomic composability model across rollups [13].