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Technologies That has Changed Our Lives

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Man-made technologies have now changed the lives of a Man to an extreme extent. We have made progress very quickly in the last 3-4 decades. It has taken us so far that many of us nowadays cannot imagine a single day without checking our smartphones now.

We cannot think of a full-fledged working Computer in our pocket in the 90's. Yes! We are talking about smartphones.ย 

In this article, we will talk about different technologies that played a very important role in changing our world...


Smartphones have played a bigger role in changing our lives. Smartphones are multitasking devices that have a good number of uses and advantages. Things have been made for our ease but in the end, it depends on the end-user, how he uses the device. The first and the main benefit that mobile phones were made for, is communication.

Communication: Before Smartphone takes place in the phone industry, the cellular network was the only way to communicate through your phone. But by the time, smartphones and Connectivity services evolved, and now you can even video call through your smartphone.ย 

With the help of wireless technology, you can communicate with anyone anywhere. Even you can multitask while talking to someone.

The true smartphone came into the industry with the release of Apple iPhone. After Apple, Google jumped into the market with its Android OS and both Apple and Google are now leading the smartphone market. This market is still growing and new smartphones are coming with the latest technologies and these devices will continue to change our lives for the better.

Software Industry

Software is all around us from the 1930s. And few people think much about the different ways that software is impacting our lives. The history of software begins with the first software developed in the 1930s. That was the beginning of a new era.

Hardware is a piece of garbage without the proper software. But with the proper software installed, you can do things you cannot imagine 20 years ago. This industry has done a great job of developing and changing our lives for the better.

As almost everybody is using smartphones, apps have become a great tool to save time. You can talk, order food, watch videos, listen to music and the list goes onโ€ฆ You cannot count the usage possibilities of smartphone applications.

Technology has Changed the Way We Watch TV

Watching TV has changed a lot from the day it evolved. There was a time when we have to sit and wait in front of the TV to catch the latest news. Now you can pause, rewind and even watch online anytime anywhere. Many online TV services are taking place in bigger markets.ย 

YouTube takes a lot of watch time of internet users. Youtube has even released YouTube TVย  services in the US and they are working on taking TV services worldwide.

Technology in Business

Technology has made our businesses a lot easier than ever. The Internet has become a standard for a business to communicate and doing trade.ย 

Online businesses are earning well because everyone has easy access to the internet and they do not need to go shopping and buy stuff, they can easily do it with their smartphone. This way traders reach more buyers and Buyer gets a lot more reach to shops and traders to buy their stuff.

Key Takeaways

It a fact that technology is helping humans but at the same time, itโ€™s destroying our lives. According to a study, In 2013 more than 3.5 billion have smartphones and if you look around, everyone is using smartphones and this has increased depression in new generations.ย 

Technologies can definitely improve your life, but you must have to make a balance between technology and life.


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