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Top tech blogs & podcasts to follow in 2019

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Curating a list of top blogs I read — because it’s a new year!

Today we’re over-loaded with choice. Twitter posts, tech blogs, Medium posts, Instagram, Whatsapp status. It’s easy to spend your time across a lot of these mediums without learning anything substantial. Click, click & down the rabbit hole you go. Hence now more than ever it’s important to curate your reading list.

A lot of the blogs on this list reflect my active interests — consumer tech more specifically video, AR tech and finance. I’m also experimenting with using an RSS reader to read new posts regularly. Other than blogs I’m also adding podcasts a few podcasts. Please note the list isn’t ordered by my favorites though I've added a note for the best ones.

Here are the top blogs I follow:

Haresh Chawla https://www.foundingfuel.com/contributor/haresh-chawla/

India trends & perspectives — smartest writer in India

Ben Thompson https://stratechery.com/

The most famous tech blog — Ben writes long strategy posts.

Mark Suster https://bothsidesofthetable.com/

Best advice & videos on fundraising

Fred Wilson http://avc.com/

Short & profound regular blogs on tech

Adam Nash https://adamnash.blog/

Personal finance & digging into the details of product dev

M Seigler https://500ish.com/

Apple, Culture & tech — love reading 500ish.com

Michael Dempsey https://medium.com/@mhdempsey

Product thinking for AR, VR & ML

Seth Godin — https://seths.blog/

A master of words, Seth’s blog is one to be read regularly

Justin Kan — https://medium.com/@justinkan

My favorite author & startup founder. Also genius on video tech.

Connie Chan — https://a16z.com/author/connie-chan/#1

Connie has a profound grasp on emerging tech especially China

Julie Zhou — https://medium.com/@joulee

Julie’s blogs on design & life in general are awesome.

Nick Babich — https://medium.com/@101

Want to understand mobile design? Nick is your man.

Matt Cutts — https://www.mattcutts.com/blog

Matt doesn’t write as often lately but his previous blogs are a joy to read. 30 day challenges & other geeky stuff.

Josh Breinlinger http://acrowdedspace.com/ — a great blog on marketplaces.

Eugene Wei http://www.eugenewei.com

Long insightful posts on tech

Tren Griffin — https://25iq.com

Must follow the dozen things I’ve learned from series from Tren

Top podcasts to follow:

I’m new to the world of podcasts so a quick list of ones I’ve enjoyed so far.

GGV Capital Podcast https://996.ggvc.com/podcast/

Best podcast on China trends. Must listen.

a16z podcast

https://pca.st/a16z Podcast by a16z

China Tech Talk by technode https://pca.st/Edu0

China Startup Pulse by Chinaccelerator — https://pca.st/Edu0 A decent podcast to get started with China Tech.

Hope this list was useful if you’re also curating the list of your reading sources. If you have more suggestions for blogs in AR & gaming, do let me know. Other than this if you generally found something interesting, do leave a comment.


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