Top InsurTech Conferences and Workshop Events in the USA — 2018by@asheesh.jain12345
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Top InsurTech Conferences and Workshop Events in the USA — 2018

by Andy JAugust 22nd, 2018
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The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma underscores the need to enhance technologies so that market shifts and customer expectations evolve.

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The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma underscores the need to enhance technologies so that market shifts and customer expectations evolve.

The insurance industry is yet another industry being disrupted by technology in some of the most innovative ways. According to a recent study, the operating InsurTech models are poised to experience explosive growth, upwards of $375 Billion U.S. dollars in the upcoming years.

As with most new models, technology is a key enabler to this trend. Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and image recognition are helping insurance companies to serve their new prospects and existing customers in a more holistic way. The process is becoming effortless and more user-friendly. The emerging models are helping to shrink costs while providing highly personalized services and products beneficial to both insurers and customers.

The Insurance industry is seeing a broader spectrum of software solutions, including blockchain technology used to process claim automation. Claims management software reduces manual workflow, reducing labor costs and overall lending to much more cost effective process. , The combination of disruptive and foundational technology will help in increasing efficiency and promote growth.

All of these Digital technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT are bringing disruptive trends to insurance companies . InsurTech is growing fast, allowing insurance carriers to build better customer experience and boost operational efficiency.. To keep updated on the new trends, get insights and develop the skills required to stay at the top of the InsurTech industry there are 40+ workshops and conferences in the United States Find below the list of some top U.S. InsurTech events .

Here is the list of top InsurTech Conference and Workshop companies and list of events in 2018 (USA):

SVIA — Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator — (Visit Website)

SVIA conducts more than 10 InsurTech workshops events and an annual summit during the year for senior Insurance executives. SVIA focuses on providing insights and skills Execs need to compete in a rapidly changing InsurTech landscape through digital innovation. The attendees gain insights from presentations, case studies, and hands-on experience through workshops.

SVIA conducts an annual Summit, the next one is coming up is in March 20–21st, 2019. The event is called “InsurTech Fusion Summit”. The agenda of the Summit will be “Rise of a Digital Insurance Industry”.

Upcoming InsurTech Workshops and Events from SVIA:

SMB Insurance — InsurTech Workshop Event

SEP 25–26 (TUE — WED), 2018, Palo Alto, CA

SMB Insurance event will help executives and their teams the connections and comprehensive insight they’ll need to compete in a rapidly changing SMB insurance market driven through digital innovation.

Get Answers to Critical Strategic Questions

You will get answers to the most asked questions like how is Big Data, IoT, AI and Blockchain currently being used and how it will shape the future of Insurance? How will customer journey/customer engagement look like in the coming years?

Special App for networking:

SVIA provides Brella Meeting App to set up 1:1 meeting before you arrive. End of the first day includes Cocktail Reception with Speakers, Startups, and all Attendees.

Workshops for better skill development

You’ll gain insights from presentations, case studies, and hands-on experience. Your experience will include hands-on workshops. Know more about the event.

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Blockchain and Smart Insurance — InsurTech Workshop Event

NOV 14–15 (WED — THU), 2018, Palo Alto, CA

This event focuses on how Blockchain is disrupting InsurTech. (more about the event)

The event covers a wide range of topics from introduction to Blockchain to implementation of Blockchain and Blockchain enabled business models. Know more about the event.

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Past SVIA Innovation event attendees include companies like MetLife, Max Health Insurance, EY, IBM among many others.

Few popular speakers in the previous events include: Denise Garth — Majesco, Gary Meshall — IBM Security among other influencers from leading tech, insurance and fintech background.

Full list by name of Events with link to SVIA Events page

InsureTech Connect

InsureTech Connect — A popular insurance innovation event company.

InsureTech Connect is a popular annual event. The attendees of the event include tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry incumbents from around the world.

InsureTech Connect 2018

OCT 2–3 (TUE — WED), 2018, Las Vegas

InsureTech Connect 2018 will be held in Las Vegas. The world’s largest and most global gathering of insurance innovation.

InsurTech News

InsurTech News is holding 3rd annual summit in 2018

InsurTech News is launching the 3rd annual summit on “Internet of Insurance” in London, UK. The event is one of the Europe’s leading InsurTech event helping to explore how IoT and emerging technologies are enabling insurers and reinsurers to streamline the process.

Upcoming Event from InsurTech News in New York.

AI in Finance Summit New York 2018

NOV 06–07 (TUE & WED), 2018, New York

The summit is a great opportunity to meet influential technology leaders, data scientists, and founders of fintech startups. This event will include discussions on stock market prediction, retail finance and banking, fraud detection, and security and privacy in the changing financial environment.

The AI in Finance Summit in New York will also throw light on the advancements in AI tools, techniques and applications from the world’s leading innovators working in the industry, academia, and startups across the financial sector.

The summit will have professional presentations, networking opportunities, and interactive workshops. More Details

Insurance Nexus

A London based InsurTech company.

Insurance Nexus is a London based company. Insurance Nexus is at the innovative heart of an industry undergoing significant disruption and innovation.

Connected Insurance USA

NOV 28–30 ( WED, THU and FRI), 2018, Chicago

Connected Insurance event is bringing the executives information on designing valuable and relevant insurance products and services to be able to deliver with a seamless experience.

At the event business executives and innovation teams are coming together and is a great opportunity for networking. Organization-wide team can come together and build a holistic strategy. Know more about the event.


Insurance Analytics and AI 2018

NOV 27–28 ( TUE — WED), 2018, New York

The Dig-In event bring AI visionaries, analytics experts and big data practitioners transforming Insurance. AI will be front and center at this year’s event, along with the usual high-level analytics exploration. The sessions in the events will explore how personal assistants like Siri to Internet of Things and Machine Learning are transforming insurance. Know more about the event.

SVIA, InsureTech Connect, InsurTech News, Insurance Nexus and Dig-In are the top 5 companies conducting InsurTech Conferences in the United States in 2018.

If you want to list your event, contact me by adding a note on this post.