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Top Features When Developing An On-Demand App Like Uber for Tutors

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With the advancement of technology, software applications and their related services act like bridge and establish a purposeful communication between the end-user and business owner. This technology-friendly environment not only profited to end-user and business owners but also provides a great deal to the third person. It presents a flawless idea to become an entrepreneur who is liable to moulding ideas into reality. It is the bridge between students and teachers and facilitates communication with real-time help.

Why we need a tutor app?

The global education app market is booming day by day because parents and students are more aware of the Internet benefits, and parents want to give their children a more personalized education. A few years back, personalized education intended a tutor (a person with experience of quality teaching), who was giving tuition for the respective subjects at the student's home or his home.

But now, the scenario has changed, and education is not only packed with your educational subjects. It now covers extracurricular activities like sports, painting, dance, cooking etc. too. In another way, if you have skilled professionals, you can also have the liberty to create your app or classroom sessions online via tutor/ educational app.

These applications provide many educational services, and the student will get all sorts of advice they want for any subject and flourish educational business and student both.

General features of tutor’s app

User-friendly apps – Tutor/Student/Admin

All the on-demand apps should be user-friendly in use. Thus, the tutor app too. The app consist of three segments: tutor, student, and admin. Students and tutors need to register themselves with their respective details. The student then generates a request for the tutor with their learning needs. Now request comes to the tutor app panel and accepts accordingly.

The admin panel is responsible for the entire management of the tutor app. Admin tracks the tutor’s appointments, student requests, payments, notification, etc.

This systematic way of app working makes the app user-friendly.

Advance search using Geo-location

Advanced search options make sure your users can schedule tutors in few clicks. So, you need to simplify your options by adopting new technologies that suit the student’s requirements with the tutor’s qualifications.

Schedule booking management

This feature facilitates student to schedule his/her booking as per their convenience and tutor availability. This is the best way to get more user engagement.

In-App messaging facility

In-app messaging is now in trend in almost every app for better communication and for sharing other information in real-time. The student will get real-time answers for their queries. They don’t need to leave the message for the reply. So, to facilitate this feature, you require a real-time server to establish directional communication between student and tutor.

In-app video conference and calling option

Tuitions over video calling or video conferencing are the greatest approach to rescue students when they want an immediate requirement for discussion. For this, you need to choose such APIs that facilitate smooth calling features.

Cashless Transaction with in-app payments facility

Now the world is moving towards cashless transactions. It simplifies the process. So the use of in-app payment is facilitating the users with a cashless payment facility. Thus, it is preferred to use different in-app payment APIs to make tutor and student payment easy.

Feedback and Rating Services

It is the most notable feature of an on-demand tutor mobile app. With this feature, one can easily find the best tutor after reading the reviews and experience of the tutors.

Multiple Categories

Tutoring apps like Uber for tutors must clearly mention the list of available options such as Physics tutor, Music Tutor, Mathematics Tutor, etc. So that student will easily get what he/ she wants.

Advance Filter

The advance filter option facilitates the user to find out the best result related to their queries.

3 Lessons to remember for making an app like Uber for Tutor s

Provide a quick answer for the user’s query

Induce faster response to enhanced app integrity and popularity. The educational app for students should have such an approach that understands the students' study pattern, syllabus, and then respond to them as quickly as possible. You can facilitate them to click the picture of that query and send it immediately to the tutor to get an instant answer. Also, you have to include such features in your app architecture that facilitates students to live chat or video calling for instant reply.

Provide tuition with convenient and suitable methods

Tutors who registered themselves with the app must have proficient knowledge of the subject they choose. So that student gets the right solution with the right person. For this, you have to hire individual tutors for each subject. Also, you can include experienced tutors and can integrate group discussions, along with video conferencing. So, in this way, a tutor can teach students on-spot with the feel of the classroom.

Apply advanced quiz concept that enhances knowledge

Now, an interactive way of learning is more popular. Engaging students with quizzes and tests on a regular basis enhance their knowledge and learning capacity. Thus, you should include these advanced features into your educational tutor app.

Bottom lines

In this blog, I have mentioned all the possible features that you need to include to create a tutoring mobile app. But still, it is required to do your own study to add the more enhanced features in your app. No matter what type of education app you create, it is crucial that it shares a better learning experience. So, if you want to develop a tutoring app, go with the leading app development company with sufficient experience in developing an app like Uber for the tutors.


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