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Top Benefits of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

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The increased adoption of Machine learning algorithms by businesses worldwide reflects how effective and advantageous its algorithms, frameworks and techniques are in solving complex problems quickly. With the use of machine learning, businesses are able to enhance their top-line revenues by rendering an improved customer experience to their users.

According to Allied Market Research, Machine Learning is growing at a CAGR of 39.0% from 2017-2023. In addition to this, the report suggests that Machine Learning as a service market will reach $5,537 million in 2023. 

While ML benefits are being leveraged by major industry verticals, advanced ML techniques have plunged into the mobile industry too. With the use of ML techniques, companies can understand their customer requirements thus connecting well to their target audiences.

The use of ML in mobile app development helps businesses increase customer engagement through improved personalization and product recommendation. The article talks about the top benefits of Machine Learning in Mobile app development. Let’s read them in detail.

Use of ML in Mobile App Development!

According to a recent survey, it is expected that in the coming years, enterprise investments in Machine Learning will nearly double over the next three years, reaching 64% adoption by 2020. With its incredible potential to render improved personalization, improved customer experience and robust security, the use of ML for mobile app development has completely revolutionized the mobile industry.


One of the most popular advantages of Machine Learning in mobile app development is its ability to render improved personalization to customers. Let’s see how. Based on the analysis of data related to customer shopping patterns, ML techniques allow business to get insights into customer behaviour and their likings. Using this information, businesses send personalized messages, emails and shopping recommendations to their targeted prospects.

According to the Annual Report of the State of IT 2019, buyers are more likely to spend 40% more on shopping than they planned, especially when they find personalized shopping experience. This is how rendering improved personalization helps allure more users to your mobile app . All thanks to the use of Machine Learning for mobile apps!


Advanced Product Search!

The benefits of Machine learning in mobile app development help optimize customer search and deliver better and more contextual results to customer queries. Machine learning algorithms analyze customers’ queries and use the information to prioritize the results that matter most to a particular person. This is why the use of Machine Learning for mobile apps is preferred by businesses all over the world.

According to Forbes, more than 50% of enterprises are adopting machine learning to refine marketing issues and smoothly running their ventures

Modern mobile apps use ML techniques to analyze data related to customers' choice using search histories, and typical actions. Later, this data is used to render optimised results tailored to customer queries and searches which helps in alluring more customers. Clearly, using Machine Learning techniques is surely a profitable deal. Choose a team of ML developers that can help in incorporating ML benefits into your business projects.

Fraud Control and Security!

With the use of advanced ML techniques, Machine Learning can help make security arrangements and fraud control mechanisms better and stronger. Clearly, this is one of the major benefits of Machine Learning in mobile app development. Machine learning algorithms within crucial apps can analyze user behavior and detect all sorts of irregularities to identify a threat or a fraud.

This is why Machine Learning techniques are being used by the banking sector.According to the Mckinsey report, millions of banks are using ML to improve customer satisfaction and reduce data errors.

With a whopping $32 billion worth of frauds occurring every year, the use of Machine Learning for mobile apps help detect frauds and reduce the number of financial transactions vulnerable to attacks. A mobile app with the use of machine learning algorithms can detect such frauds and render robust security.


Trend Forecasting!

With increased competition in the marketplace, it's important for any business to stay updated with the latest trends. Here comes the use of Machine Learning for mobile apps.  ML algorithms help organizations in keeping up with the constantly changing styles and trends. This helps them in knowing what allures their customers the most.

This  is one of the major advantages of Machine Learning in mobile app development. By using the techniques of Machine learning, companies can aggregate these trends and analyze information from different sources (social media, digital reports, blogs, etc.) to make predictions that help companies in knowing what is important for the customers. Undoubtedly, using Machine Learning for mobile apps helps in growing business profits.

Product Recommendation!

Marketing teams are looking for ways to increase customer engagement with the help of ML techniques. Using ML algorithms, companies can analyze data to extract meaningful insights of their customers likes and behaviour. This information helps in sending shopping recommendations to online users based on the latest trends and products available.

Thus, this is one of the major benefits of Machine learning in mobile app development. Let’s read further to know more about the advantages of Machine Learning in mobile app development.

Fast and Protected Authentication Process!

By leveraging the benefits of Machine Learning in mobile app development, businesses can render a secured system to the users thus allowing them to pass identification and authentication processes. for logging into mobile apps. This is advantageous for eCommerce apps specially.

This technology is widely used by mobile app companies for logging into their apps and websites. ML helps in adding security to the apps which is why ML techniques are a preferred choice among users.

The Bottomline

By now, I am pretty sure that you have a clear idea about the benefits of Machine Learning in mobile app development. Improved personalization, advanced product search, product recommendations, fraud control and security and trend forecasting are some of the popular uses of Machine Learning for mobile apps.

The Global Machine Learning Market is expected to expand at 42.08% CAGR during the forecast period 2018–2024.  

No wonder, the use of Machine Learning for mobile apps has completely revolutionized the mobile industry. Clearly, greater adoption of ML techniques by businesses can be expected in the near future.


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