Top Anti-Defect Browsers - Which Is the Best for You?by@hidemyacc
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Top Anti-Defect Browsers - Which Is the Best for You?

by HidemyaccMarch 31st, 2023
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Anti-detect browsers hide users' true browser fingerprints and other identifying information. They are specialized to protect users' privacy and security. Multilogin, Hidemyacc, Gologin, VMLogin and Adspower are among the best.
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Anti-detect browsers hide users' true browser fingerprints and other identifying information, making it difficult for security systems to track and identify them. They are specialized to protect users' privacy and security.

Using an anti-detect browser is a cheaper and more manageable solution than using a virtual machine. You can create multiple profiles with different sets of browser fingerprints and run them simultaneously on only one computer. You can share profiles or folders with your team and manage authorization to use. In addition, automation features can help you save time and effort.

There are 5 anti-detect browsers which are renowned for their efficiency: Multilogin, Hidemyacc, Gologin, VMLogin, and Adspower.

Which one is the most suitable for your needs? Let’s figure it out in this article.


Multilogin is one of the most well-known and longest-standing anti-detect browsers available in the market. It offers two custom web browsers with different engines: Mimic Browser is built on Chromium, while Stealthfox uses Firefox for its backend.

In addition, Multilogin provides users with various agents, such as IP authentication and password authentication, proxies via plugins, and custom DNS.

Some notable features of Multilogin include:

  • Completely changing browser fingerprints without removing key features such as Canvas or WebGL. Multilogin fakes the browser fingerprint and changes the IP address to a public IP address or the public IP address of your proxy.
  • Accessing multiple Chrome or Firefox browsers using different browser fingerprints.
  • Collecting cookies with cookies-bot and automating repetitive tasks with automation features. Both features should be used in parallel. If only the cookies-bot function is used, platforms may still be suspicious of its authenticity as the bot only accesses the website without any actions.

The price of Multilogin is quite high. The lowest package price for Multilogin is €99/month for 100 profiles, which does not include integrated features such as automation, teamwork, etc. The highest package price is €399/month for 1000 profiles.

Pros of Multilogin:

  • Being one of the longest-standing anti-detect browsers in the market.
  • Supporting Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.
  • Automatically changing and saving browser login sequences.
  • Having notable features such as paste as human typing, import cookies, and team collaboration.

Cons of Multilogin

  • Compared to other similar tools, Multilogin is relatively expensive, and the cost may be prohibitive for some users, especially those who are just starting.
  • Automation & team features are not included in the price package and cost extra.
  • Mulitlogin does not offers users with free trial.

Additional Information About the Software:

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS.
  • Pricing packages: There are three packages available: Solo (€99/month or €891/year), Team (€199/month or €1,791/year), and Scale (€399/month or €3,591/year).
  • Free trial policy: There is no free trial package.


Hidemyacc is an effective antidetect browser with affordable pricing and outstanding features. It was developed by a team of Vietnamese people and can meet your needs through the following:

  • Hiding your true identity by changing browser fingerprint parameters so you can surf the web anonymously.
  • Creating multiple profiles and running them independently on only one computer without being traced. With the "Multiple Profile" feature, you can quickly create profiles, and Hidemyacc doesn't limit the number of profiles you can create at once. You can customize each profile to suit your needs.
  • Automation with many free scripts which can help you farm Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Shoppe accounts. You can also create your own scripts with various commands on Hidemyacc.
  • Integrating many other applications such as Hidemyphone - an anti-detect browser for mobile devices, Automation Tool for Facebook to enhance work efficiency.
  • Automatically backing up every 24 hours so you can restore profiles you have deleted by contacting their support team.
  • Cookies-bot: You can use this feature to access a list of URLs, run bots to access websites, and collect cookies for your profiles.

In addition, Hidemyacc has the most affordable pricing among all antidetect browser providers. The lowest price for Hidemyacc is $29/month with 30 free profiles. If you sign up for a year, you can get a 50% discount.

Pros of Hidemyacc:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Large number of trial profiles: 30 free profiles for a 7-day trial.
  • Many integrated features: Multiple Profile, Automation, Teamwork, Transfer profiles, ..
  • 24/7 support: Hidemyacc team can help you handle difficult tasks via Ultraview and Teamviewer.
  • Supports 5 different protocols: HTTP, Socks 5, Socks 4, Tinsoft, and TM proxy.

Cons of Hidemyacc

  • No refund policy:  if you don't fully comprehend Hidemyacc or decide to change your mind after buying their plan, you do not receive refund.
  • When you install too many browser extensions, your connection may become sluggish.

Additional Information About the Software:

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS.
  • Price package: There are 4 packages available: Starter ($29/month or $15/year), Base ($49/month or $25/year), Team ($99/month or $49/year), and Business ($199/month or $99/year).
  • Free trial policy: 7-day trial with 30 free profiles.


Gologin is an exceptional antidetect browser that offers a range of features, including:

  • Cloud technology: With Gologin, you don't need to download and set up the application on your computer. Instead, you can access the browser immediately after registration, thanks to its cloud technology. However, it's worth noting that this version still has a few bugs, such as an unfriendly interface and difficulty with performing basic tasks.
  • Free proxy: Since the antidetect browser can't change your IP address, you'll need to use VPN or Proxy to do so. Gologin provides free proxies, so you don't need to search for third-party options. This is one of the standout advantages of Gologin compared to its competitors.

Gologin changes your browser fingerprint by altering various parameters. However, it's possible that you may encounter Captchas and other verification forms.

Pros of Gologin:

  • Orbita browser: The Orbita browser has the same interface as Chrome and is ideal for use with the Tor Network, so you can browse the web completely anonymously.
  • Provides free proxies.

Cons of Gologin:

  • Gologin now only support Chrome extensions. If you spoof others browsers such as MacOS, you can not use Gologin.
  • Cloud browser is still an experimental feature, it does not help you much in your work.

Additional Information About the Browser:

  • Operating systems: Gologin is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, cloud, and Android.
  • Pricing: Gologin offers 4 price packages: Professional ($24/month or $294/year), Business ($49/month or $594/year), Enterprise ($99/month or $1194/year), and Custom ($149/month or $1794/year).
  • Free trial policy: Gologin offers a 7-day trial with 3 free profiles.

VM Login

VMLogin is an antidetect browser that, like Hidemyacc, is capable of spoofing different phone operating systems such as Android and iOS. What sets VMLogin apart is its ability to change the graphics card on your computer, a feature that no other antidetect browser offers.

Notable features of VMLogin include:

  • Customizing various parameters on the VMLogin virtual browser
  • Securing cookies, local memory, and other cache files for each browser file
  • Automating tasks such as opening a page, searching for an exact location on the page to enter text or click, and executing user-defined JS commands.

Pros of VMLogin:

  • Spoofing many phone operating systems.
  • Automation testing tool. You can test the commands you have installed before running the profile.
  • Support for many additional features, such as protecting fingerprints through ClentRects, Canvas, Audio Context, and WebGL; creating and adding a batch of profiles.

Cons of VMLogin:

  • The price package is pretty high with the highest package being 499$/month.

Additional Information:

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS.
  • Price packages: VMLogin offers three price packages: Solo ($99/month), Team ($209/month), Scale ($499/month).
  • Free trial policy: 3-day trial with 5 free profiles.


Adspower presents itself as the top antidetect browser for effective social media management, offering two browsers: Sun browser (based on Chromium) and Flower browser (based on Firefox).

  • It streamlines browser operations through cloud servers, local APIs, and RPA robots.
  • Notable features include Facebook Ads statistics, Amazon order statistics, Paste as human, among others.
  • It also provides sample repositories for cultivating Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, as well as creating and assigning profile usage rights to others.
  • With the Pro package, users can restore deleted profiles with the "Account Trash" feature, which stores deleted accounts for 7 days.

Pros of Adspower:

  • A potent social media management tool, particularly for Facebook Ads.
  • Compatible with various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Shopee, eBay, Amazon, and more.
  • A vast repository of script templates for managing multiple accounts across different platforms.
  • Effortless profile usage management, with shared users only having access to resources within the profile.

Cons of Adspower:

  • No mobile support: You only can use Adspower on computer. It has an Android emulating environment but no support for an actual Android device.
  • Automation is not free and you have to pay extra money to use this feature

Additional Application Information:

  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS.
  • Price packages: Three packages are available: Free (2 free profiles), Base ($5.4/month), and Pro ($30/month). The pricing of Base and Pro packages varies according to the number of profiles and members you wish to use together.
  • Free trial policy: Three-day free trial with five free profiles.

Which Is The Suitable Solution for You?

To select the most suitable software, you can rely on three main criteria: Features, Price, and Support.


All five software options mentioned above allow for secure and anonymous internet browsing by altering browser fingerprint parameters. However, each has unique additional features.

For instance, Hidemyacc enables you to create multiple accounts at once, simulate phone operating systems, and share permissions to use your profile or transfer total profiles to others. With the Automation feature on Hidemyacc, you can reduce time and save lots of effort in managing Amazon, Etsy, or eBay accounts.


Compared to Multilogin or Gologin, Hidemyacc is significantly less expensive. Adspower and Hidemyacc have equivalent prices, but Hidemyacc’s policy is much more flexiable because all package prices allows you experience all features to meet your needs.

Additionally, all automation features in Hidemyacc's Base package or higher are included, so you don't need to pay extra to access them. In contrast, to use Automation in Adspower, you must pay extra.

Until now, Hidemyacc remains a more cost-effective choice than others:

  • The lowest package price for Starter is only $15/month for 30 profiles.
  • Save costs by using the Share package for only $5/month to collaborate with your team.
  • 7-day free trial with 30 profiles - which not every provider offers for free.


Of course you can receive enthusiastically support from any software above if you use their service.

Just in case you are Vietnamese and your English skill is not good and you prefer a immediately and convenient support, Hidemyacc may be a good choice for you. As my experiment, Hidemyacc’s support team is really helpful even though I only using their free trial package.


I think that all antidetect browsers can assist you in concealing your genuine identity and surfing the Internet anonymously, but not all of them can suit your unique needs, such as farming accounts on specialized platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, or eBay.

Keep in mind that an antidetect browser will not help you make much more money; it will simply help you better manage your accounts and hide your browser traces. Selecting the best antidetect browser is a difficult task. Consider and evaluate them based on extra features, pricing, and how they assist you when difficulties arise.

I hope that my post has provided you with a summary of the top antidetect browsers on the market so that you can select the best one for you.