Top Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Trading Software Solutions For Serious ROI by@8topuz

Top Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Trading Software Solutions For Serious ROI

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With banks currently pretty much asking you to pay money to let them control your money, many who want to actually see some kind of ROI are looking at alternative investment solutions.


Enter the world of Algorithmic and AI/machine based trading solutions

PS it's all about the Neural Networks! If this all sounds very new-age to you and a little scary, let me tell you a few facts that will enlighten you to this brave (and rather non-scary) new world. In the FX (Forex) market, algorithmic (algo) trading has been the norm for many years.Current algorithmic systems are making millions of trades in any one day, hence the term (HFT) “high-frequency trading”, which is accepted to be a subset of what we call ‘algorithmic trading’.

Big Data and Data science is where the real money is heading...

Alternative banking and investing solutions

User activity on finance apps has rocketed by 354%.55.4 million millennial's aged 23–38 will use digital banking in 2019, with almost 40% of this demographic totally abandoning brick and mortar banks altogether.64% of millennial's have at least one full-service banking app on their phone, as well as 59% of Gen Xers and 41% of people aged 55+, according to Bankrate. 71 percent of Baby Boomers in the US use online banking services once a week while UK users check their mobile banking apps over 7 x a week. It is clear that the way we manage money is open to new ways by a younger generation and more forward thinking investors who are open to new options and prepared to do some basic research into options.

Managed trading and performance based AI copying systems

But one area more than any has taken the investing sphere by storm and that is the world of copy trading, and social trading, where people who want to grow their money choose to follow the winners of the world and place their trust in quality traders or AI based algorithmic software solutions with proven histories of positive ROI.

Top AI Based Trading Software

Enhancing what is already an established area of banking and finance, where big data is used to inform decisions that humans would have made historically, AI and machine based algorithmic trading software is making huge advances and offering steady return for those who are prepared to invest in these new innovations that are set to truly disrupt the markets.

Leading players in this sector include:


Multiple Award winning European (ALGO) trading FinTech AI Trading Technology and software company 8topuz has taken the AI investing world by storm since they released their algorithm to the world in 2016/17 after many years of working with their team of MQL IDE developers on algorithms that YoY consistently prove a hugely positive ROI.


Who should be interested in 8topuz?

8topuz have a wide variety of clients from family offices, hedge funds, private institutions, retail clients, investors and traders who want a sophisticated automated solution which consistently delivers ROI.

Download their AI E-Book and Performance data


Singapore based AI trading and machine learned solution hiHedge offer a unique approach to machine learned trading. They offer access to strategies that their AI based system has learned has consistently performed well. They use technology similar to Google's DeepMind AlphaGo, allowing clients to access AI based trading.

Who should look at hiHedge?

hiHedge are targeting Fund Managers who want to work with AI data without the costs of data scientists and their own AI technology to do the hard work.


Neotic work by allowing you to adopt their algorithmic trading solutions and benefit from their algorithm that has been working since 2007 and back tested with positive returns apart from key financial market moments. However their data seems old when you check their company stats, so unsure of the current situation of the company.

Who should look into Neotic?

Existing traders who want to plug the Neotic AI data into their own trading platforms and work with AI based data on their portfolios.

Trading Depth

Want the power of AI on your side? Trading Depth focuses on what they term as Harmonic AI Patterns to help traders better choose their trades with an 85% proven success rate. Trading Depth are an innovative company that offer various plans to access their data which you are able to apply to your trading accounts.

Who should consider Trading Depth?

Perfect for new 'hands-on' traders and those who want to trade with AI based past data. You can save money on their monthly fees for access to their data by signing up to trading account with one of their preferred brokers.

Round up of alternative investing solutions? Clearly the world has been opening up to AI and machine learning and the finance world has embraced this with innovations that are proving seriously attractive to those who seek much more ROI than traditional banks or low risk investing profiles.

Time to learn more maybe?

Download the 8topuz AI trading Software E-Book and Audited Performance data showing average 2-4% Monthly ROI for over 3 years.


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