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Top Actionable Tips to Grow a Community: More Tips to Monetize by@jare

Top Actionable Tips to Grow a Community: More Tips to Monetize

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Jarett Dunn

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Find a Niche!

Nobody can promote themselves or their projects if they're a jack of all trades. Nor will people find a universal proposition to be appealing. The first key to success is to ask yourself what your differentiating features are and who is your audience? You can then start to identify your niche.

In my case, I noticed that I got a lot more traffic from my money-making code like market making or arbtitrage crypto trading bots than I did from my other GitHub repos. What this means is that while some people are interested in interesting code, there are a lot more people out there interested in turning equity into realized pnl :)



If you're going to invite people to your community, you'd best welcome newcomers and engage in conversation. Building rapport is key in sales and it's key in life - this is how you win people's trust and influence friends. Basically you'll want to prove that you're a regular ol' team player and that you both enjoy and actually rely on the community itself that you're building.

Add Value!

Do you perform a service? Do you create a product? Do you contribute to a larger cause that does? If so, you can package something about your work and add it for free in exchange for email addresses, subscribers, Telegram users.. whathaveyou! See:


Ask for Email Subscribers, Telegram Group Joins, or ___ Methods for Continued Contact!

Speaking of signups.. don't be afraid to ask! You'll see at the end of most of my recent articles (where I'm adding value to other, larger communities... hint hint....) that I'm adding additional value in exchange for email signups. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, no?

Engage More!

Great! You're picking up traction now that you've applied the previous steps. Now, as your community grows further you might not have as much time to nurture each individual as much, so maybe try some more large-scale engagement processes: competitions, polls, Google forms, whathaveyou! Nobody said you couldn't be inventive. Make use of pinned messages on Telegram or other such one-time, semi-permanent devices.

Promote From Within!

Your followers are your most avid fans, so if you get to the point where you might need a community manager then just ask your most prolific followers - chances are they'll trade some of their time gratis just to support your cause. Now there's a good friend, no?


Post wherever you can! Comment on relevant posts! Get your links up there! Find the best Domain Authority sites you can freely post on (like, Hackernoon (after a review process), and get the links flowing back to your own blog for some good SEO juices to boost your search engine ranking! Do yourself a favor and google 2019 SEO techniques - but also don't get buried in the theory, it changes fundamentally with each and every search engine update :(!

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Tips - or Better Yet, Package Something and Sell It!

Are you a developer? Check out GitHub sponsors! Are you into Crypto? Drop your Blockchain address and ask your followers for donations!


Are you creating content?

Write a book and put it on Amazon Kindle! Then, notify your email subscriber list you've been building with this recent success... you'll be surprised how often your loyal subs will turn into a sale instead of unsubscribe!


Look! A plug!

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