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Top 20 AI & Machine Learning Companies In USA & India 2019 Edition

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Need to find the best Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning companies in India?

Whether you have noticed or not, we all are living in an era driven by Artificial Intelligence. Firms are footing the bill for billions of dollars just to have a competitive edge and stay ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of the digital landscape.

And, if you are not AI technology compatible, the accord predicts you will soon fade from the industry. After all, you will need to hire the best AI developers to stay relevant in today’s instant changing technology scenarios.

And, this got me thinking - to bring out the top-most Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning development companies in India that are re-inventing the global revolution? Undoubtedly, it is an interesting quest.

To assist you with the right AI development approach and company, I put down a framework or scrutinized criteria to funnel the topmost Artificial Intelligence company in India. (Scroll to know more)

Hopefully, this blog will prove a boon in driving you to the right destination. Similarly, highlighting the top AI investor in your region, that are harnessing the AI/ML technologies for a better future for everyone among us.

So, are you ready to dive in and have a look at the criteria I have created to short-list the leading Artificial Intelligence companies in India.

The below list has been curated and evaluated on imperative parameters that act as indicators for the successful launch of your project.

- Google rating by clients and organic ranking overview

- Full money back guarantee

- Customer reviews from Goodfirms, Clutch, and Glassdoor

- Diversified Portfolio

- Technical expertise on latest software trends

- Client retention rate of the company

- Total number of successful software projects

- Personally talking to their clients

Here is the list of best AI/ Machine Learning development companies in India and USA are:

1. Xicom Technologies (The Best AI/ML Development Company in India)

Foundation Year: 2002

Pricing: $25-49/hr

Location: India, USA, and Dubai

Employees: 400+

From Chatbots to AI-oriented devices, emerging technologies are setting the new paradigm in the digital era. Besides, from the research lab to businesses, they have become a vital part of any organization or strategy. Learning how to create an AI-oriented app from scratch is a worth-the-value skill nowadays.

Xicom Technologies is a well-known AI/ML development company in India with the largest AI platform. The company incepted in 2002, as a one-stop solution for all digital needs and without any doubt is now the market leader in the same field.

With the help of Xicom’s Free Project Estimation, it helps a huge number of startups, entrepreneurs, and SME’s lay the firm foundation in the competitive global market. Their Artificial Services in India is known as the bespoke for their quick response and doubt solving capabilities in the region.

Indeed, it’s a virtual assistant.

Area Of Expertise: Web app development, mobile app development (Android, iOS), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain technology, IT Consulting services, software development, Quality assurance and testing, cross-platform app development, AR/VR.

2. Space-o-Technologies (An Entrusted Name For AI Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2010

Pricing: $125-149/hr

Location: India and Russia

Employees: 250+

Space-o-Technologies is an avant-garde choice among the best Artificial Intelligence company in India. Since, their inception they have been catering service right from a concept to deployment and marketing, and making maintenance the final consideration with the rubric of one of the entrusted Machine Learning services in India.

Looking for more?

This firm has achieved a leading position in the list of best mobile app development company by following the footsteps of design-led-engineering. Moreover, the Space-O-Technologies professionals have already initiated harnessing the ML features keeping in mind the potential app development.

Area Of Expertise: Mobile app development, web app development, app migration services, machine learning, IoT development, customizable solutions

3. Endive Software (A Considerable Choice Among The Top AI companies In India)

Foundation Year: 2008

Pricing: $99-125/hr

Location: India & USA

Employees: 100+

It is a name known for professionalism, dedication, and expertise in the trade of AI/ML company in India. A worth-the-value option for abeyant business providers.

So, if you are looking for options that will manifold your business profits and help you drive through digital demurs with utmost satisfaction, Endive Software can be a considerable choice.

Their exclusive service to hire Machine Learning developers helps growing businesses with a competitive edge to ace the traits. Counting from customized applications development to blockchain solutions, the company delivers what the client needs.

Area Of Expertise: Enterprise solutions, Mobile & web app development, artificial Intelligence solutions, testing and QA.

4. WebNest Software Solutions (Leading Choice For Deep Learning Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2012

Pricing: $125-149/hr

Location: India

Employees: 80+

WebNest Software Solutions has made it to the top 20 deep learning services in India with developing applications that stand out in the crowd. With each new dawn and dusk, the company moves towards being the top-most mobile app development company for newcomers in the market.

Wondering about what makes it a worthy choice?

“The Competitive Price“ the company offers is what makes it the right choice for your project successful launch. Their client-first approach is what helps them draw the subtle difference between good and the best AI/ML companies in India.

Lastly, their developer's proficiency in creating mobile apps, AI development, Machine Learning, and the never-ending list is worth a look.

Area Of Expertise: Mobile app development (iOS, Android), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

5. RIT Solutions (One of the best Deep Learning Companies in India )

Foundation Year: 2016

Pricing: $60-70/hr

Location: India

Employees: 80-100

RIT Solutions is known to provide a competitive edge to businesses already established in the hierarchy. Moreover, it is a digital marketing firm rooted in the region of Gurugram and Jaipur. Their dedication and knocking oneself out approach to deliver tangible, entrusted, and scalable makes them among the top leading deep learning companies in India.

In the sea of flooded option, serving to the sheath of numerous clients dwelling from various sectors, the companies strive to be in the list of the top 20 companies in the region.

Area Of Expertise: Deep learning company, Native app development, IoT Solutions, mobile and web app development.

6. Technostacks Infotech Pvt Limited (Best Artificial Intelligence Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2014

Pricing: $80-90/hr

Location: India

Employees: 150+

Thinking about what it takes to give an upthrust to your business?

Before, it is more important to pay attention to “How”.

Quiet simple, align with Technostacks Infotech, an entrusted member of NASSCOM and ISO certified machine learning company in India. It’s a distinctive approach in providing the best service for unique business needs and web-based services across the globe make it a leading choice.

Adding on, their developers work hard to develop the latest and exclusive algorithms. The algorithms that work wonders for your business from structured and unstructured data gathered together from different business activities.

Area Of Expertise: Machine learning, mobile and web app development, software solutions, cross-platform app development

7. IBM Watson (Among The Best AI Development Companies)

Foundation Year: 1992

Pricing: $200/hr

Location: India

Employees: 2000+

Drive with the latest inventions and innovations in the trade of machine learning technologies, Watson let you ace with the minimum. Whatever, be your requirements, AI technology can be included with the round table discussions by aligning with the surmounted Artificial Intelligence company in India.

Nevertheless, you can build models from scratch or even leverage your API’s and customized solutions with keeping your data and business insights to you.

Area Of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Customer engagement

8. QBurst (A worth-The-Value Artificial Intelligence Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2004

Pricing: $80/hr

Location: India & USA

Employees: 250-999

QBurst is known to deliver application services and customized consultations for machine learning services in India. Even, it is popular for crafting unique yet reliable mobile and web applications.

Their core strength includes in their professionals - Developers, Designers, mobile and web application developers, business analysts, UI/UX developers, and never to forget project management experts. They promise to deliver solutions that lend them a hand to achieve unmountable heights of success.

Area Of Expertise: mobile app development, web app development, quality assurance and testing, artificial intelligence

9. Optisol Business Solution (The Best Deep Learning Companies)

Foundation Year: 2006

Pricing: $90-99/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 250+

OptiSol Solution is one of the entrusted choices for the leading software development companies with an excellent backdrop in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

With their out-of-box thinking approach and inquisitive approach to creating a solution, this firm has crafted a place in the list of leading AI/ML company in India. Their extensive approach offers an industry-specific platform or service with wizards supervision.

After all, execution transparency is what matters.

Area Of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Enterprise mobility solutions

10. ThoughtSpot (Result-Driven Artificial Intelligence Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2012

Pricing: $ 100-149/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 250+

Inching towards ThoughSpot for your project success proves to be a healthy investment keeping in mind the futuristic approach. Their team to hire machine learning developers in India or Artificial Intelligence is here, proffering you with quick and automatic analyzing the data with the right business insights that too with just a touch.

What makes the difference?

Thought-Spot can align with any reliable on-premise, Big-Data, and cloud platform and providing solutions with a higher proficiency of 85%.

Area Of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Retail and Ecommerce solutions

11. CloudeDots (In The List Of Best AI Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2018

Pricing: $90-100/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 80+

What should be focus points while looking for a reliable company for mobile and web app development?

Whatever, be your doubts get it to answer with CLoudeDots professionals, which makes them a reliable choice among the paramount of AI development company in India. Simultaneously, with their roots in deep learning makes their dream turn an operational reality.

This firm makes sure to tick all the boxes of your unique business needs with an impeccable user interface, bug-free deployment, and easy to maintainable tools.  

12. AbsolutData Analytics (An Excerpt Of Leading Deep Learning Company)

Foundation Year: 2001

Pricing: $100-149/hr

Location: India

Employees: 250 - 999

This leading AI development company in India helps its respective clients to reap profitable decisions to harness scalable heights and manifold business profits.

Their experts follow AbsoluteData decision engineering methodology which is the tried and tested approach that helps many companies to use their data in a more streamlined way.

Thus, their team of more than 250+ data scientists and engineers makes a pilot project a total customizable AI platform that keeps the potential to include future digital transformation.

13. Good Work Lab (The Top-Most Choice Among The Best AI companies)

Foundation Year: 2013

Pricing: $125-149/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 50-249

GoodWork Lab is a well-known, reputed, and popular choice for the latest software and innovative design solutions. Their professionals cater to quality-oriented products and services for clients globally.

With it’s innovative and distinctive methodologies, it had crafted a place among the top 20 AI/ML development companies in India. Their experienced professionals and excellent designs make them come out as unique companies in the field.

Lastly, their dedicated team ensures to deliver quality, not quantity.

14. Signity Solutions (A Trusted Choice For AI Development Company)

Foundation Year: 2009

Pricing: $80-100/hr

Location: India

Employees: 100+

Your decision of aligning with Signity Solutions is an innovative move for your business. Their approaches and methodologies make them the top-level performer, offering unparalleled AI/ML services in India.

With their professionals, you will get an outlook of the latest values and approaches for developing personalized applications, applications with AI, and have more smart business solutions for meeting the unique customer business needs.

15. DigiFutura Technologies (A Top-Notch AI Development Company)

Foundation Year: 2014

Pricing: $125-149/hr

Location: India

Employees: 10-50

DigiFutura is an award-winning web and mobile application development company cementing its footprints in emerging technologies like AI/ML.

Being a considerable choice among the leading AI/ML development companies in India, they have marked their presence in the USA and Vietnam. Moreover, DigiFutura has been awarded as one of the Top 10 Best Startup in Mobile Application Development Companies in 2016 by Startup City Magazine and also consists of an elite group of digital agencies with proficients under their sheath, makes them a recognized option for a Mobile App Developer in India by Clutch.

16. Cygnet Infotech (A Trusted Choice For Deep Learning Company)

Foundation Year: 2000

Pricing: $99-120/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 200+

Cygnet is a reliable technology partner for your project successful launch with its 18 years of experience. Their developers make sure they provide clients with what they need the most.

The company has been delivering extensive digital services to the clients globally under 1400 software service under their hat. Cygnet strives to perfection constantly, with its bespoke expertise in Java technology, Microsoft, PHP, Mobile, PHP, Cloud, Testing, CMS platforms, and rich technologies.

Their digital transformation takes the upsurge with the best strategic and consultative approach, perfectly amalgamated with the experiences and knowledge, thoughts and customer support for bracing their identity in the competitive digital world.

17. Ipraxa Inc. (Top Machine Learning Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2004

Pricing: $80-90/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 50-249

Begin their journey with a team of few members in 2004, their dedication, direction, and, distinctiveness made them craft a place in the list of leading AI/ML development companies in India. Now, their team consists of 50+ techno-geeks who are ever ready to harness the best in the digital industry, making them a pioneer among the list.

Your requirements, their solutions. This approach had made them gain a lot of accomplishments in a small tenure with delivering uttermost client satisfaction.

18. Focaloids Technologies (A Name For Deep Learning Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2012

Pricing: $70-80/hr

Location: India

Employees: 100-250

Are you up for options to modernize your conventional approaches for your business?

The address has been changed!

Focaloids Technologies is the new hub for every digital challenge encountered in the journey of enterprise applications development. Not confined to this, they have a strong workforce experienced in developing applications that are reliable, operational, and innovative with equal knowledge of machine learning.

Being among the top machine learning companies in India, their core focus is to deliver an unforgettable experience without breaking your budget.

19. Prolitus (An Experienced Name For Machine Learning Company In India)

Foundation Year: 2005

Pricing: $80-90/hr

Location: India and USA

Employees: 250-999

If you are looking for dynamic solutions in the vicinity of machine learning companies in India, look no further than Prolitus Technologies. Their experts have been catering to numerous clients across the globe with varied business needs. 

They dwell with 200+ seasoned techno geeks in their team which makes the company craft it’s placed in the already established hierarchy as an innovator. Moreover, their Artificial Intelligence solutions blended with the state-of-art machine learning tools make it the top-most choice for startups and SME’s.   

20. Arstudioz (A Reliable Deep Learning Organization In India)

Foundation Year: 2017

Pricing: $70-80/hr

Location: USA and India

Employees: 100+

Arstudioz is an unparalleled software development company leaving its everlasting impression in the field of deep learning services in India. Their extensive approach of app development that creates user-friendly mobile apps to maximize customer engagement and transition gratifying overall utter satisfaction with your customer.

Their in-house team includes savvy experienced professionals for all the famous platforms — iOS and Android, laptops and desktops, connected devices, to emerging technologies like blockchain and IoT.

So, if you have a fresh idea, this can be your right destination for turning your idea into a reality. However, the million-dollar names are concerned, such firms help them with their maintenance too.

Wrapping Up: In this blog, I have clutched the trusted AI/ML companies in India that are ready to straddle the fence and leave their first impression making it the last.

Thus, if you are also the newcomer in the landscape and holds the capacity to leave a mark of your own with the help of the right digital partner. Don’t forget to make the choice among the top. After all, they strived for the place.


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