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Top 8 AI-Powered Tools To Help Startups Grow: Crafting Real Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

The global artificial intelligence software market is expected to experience massive growth in the coming years, with revenues increasing from around 9.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to an expected 118.6 billion by 2025. AI is being utilized to make our lives simpler by self-driving cars, voice search and product suggestions from Amazon for cyber security, chatbots and inventory software. Chatbots will power 85 percent of customer service by 2020 and we have already many mobile applications which have integrated Chatbots to provide improved services to customers.
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Businesses are like sweethearted infants - And they want to run away for a lack of funds and budgets when things get tough. We’re sure you can relate to it if you’re a businessman or a budding entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, obtaining business outcomes everyday becomes a great challenge. With an overcrowded online environment, brand vision, not to mention true clients, needs more than sweet and blood. And because of the many channels and the need to be everywhere, the issue is increasing.

But Artificial Intelligence offers businessman a tremendous chance to solve their ever-growing problems. You talk to any software app development company, about 80% of them and technology leaders say that AI is boosting their efficiency a lot already.

According to the market research firm Tractica, the global artificial intelligence software market is expected to experience massive growth in the coming years, with revenues increasing from around 9.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to an expected 118.6 billion by 2025. Look at this chart from Statista.

Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) software market worldwide from 2018 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars)


This shows the huge demand for AI software in the market.

Many regard AI as the leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The AI is being utilized to make our lives simpler by self-driving cars, voice search and product suggestions from Amazon for cyber security, chatbots and inventory software.

Infact, there are so many mobile applications which are nowadays being built using AI technologies like Facial Recognition, Iris Recognition, Biometric detection and Speech Recognition.

Actually, if you discovered this article by Google, then think what? AI assisted you get to this place.

As per this Adobe report, Today just 15% of enterprises are using AI. But 31% said it is on the agenda for the next 12 months. That means many companies are planning to invest heavily in AI in the next few years.

AI has managed to get very precise outcomes from finding the smallest flight fare to forecasting the achievement of a film. Top technology businesses such as Google and Facebook are currently working on study programs to increase and enhance the efficiency and applications of AI.

So how can a businessman like you be benefited from this fantastic technology? Or ways AI can help your startups.

In order to answer this question, we have accumulated 8 methods to assist startup owners save time and money, create more intelligent company choices, boost effectiveness, and hopefully boost their earnings.

1. Chatbots - Always accessible for customers

The increasing pace and connectivity of the Internet has made us search for everything ‘instant.’ There is no patience in Millennials. That is why companies need assistance to guarantee that they are highly available. Chatbots with AI are of excellent assistance. Without any delay, they enter into smart discussions 24*7. Chatbots can serve clients without limiting time.

No holiday, illness or chatbots frustration clause exists. Once in a while a human agent may become exasperated or give up solving a problem, technology will not do likewise. A company can depend for the moment and other obstacles on qualified Chatbots to serve its clients.

In fact, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business in quick, accurate and standard service real-time. The bots will never leave your company, so there is no dependability or fear of losing them or their data.

As per this report on AI statistics, Chatbots will power 85 percent of customer service by 2020 and we have already many mobile applications which have integrated Chatbots to provide improved services to customers.

How does AI Chatbots work?

The chatbot is trained and learns on the basis of the data you enter, so when a customer or employee engages with the chatbot, it maps every possible response to the message from the users and responds accordingly. Consider a chatbot, the ultimate tool to help your customers and enable your team to concentrate solely on problems.

Also, many firms which are into the development of mobile app development solutions are eagerly providing AI based chatbots along with their mobile apps in order to provide improved services.

How can AI chatbots helps startups?


You can really guarantee that questions get the best answers with a data-filled chatbot on your frontline and queries are sent to the correct individuals because you can determine the result. However, chatbots can assist you sell more, particularly when you deal with subjects such as conversational marketing and chatbots on particular points of contact in your sales bowl.

Chatbots are an excellent way to do this if you've ever wanted to capture the genuine pulse of your company.

2. Logo Design

When you look at the evolution of the design over years, you realize that the experience in every sphere of life is no longer just about work but more and more. It has become the source of entertainment, recreation, communication, shopping, friendships, community, and many other elements of everyday life. Design experience is, of course, worthy of being more human, responsive and engaging. Artificial design tools have given designers the chance to transform the online experience with many fresh components; the past design has now given artificial design intelligence a strong boost.

How does AI designer work?

Like a chatbot, platforms for design using machine learning and artificial intelligence can generate user data based custom components. In combination with the teachings of the designer engine, the end outcome is usually a cost-effective design asset, like a logo or the layout of the web page.

How can AI powered logo makers help startups?


You have logo inspiration, but you do not have time to fellow with logo templates or to employ a design company. This is where web design applications powered by AI can offer true value. Imagine getting your brand identity developed and ended in hours instead of months. (logo design, company cards/ business cards, social media assets) for every ambitious entrepreneur, we’d like to believe that is worth a decent amount of cost.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Most importantly it’s vital for every online venture to hit the search engine ranks. SEO is similar to their bread and butter in businesses that are highly dependent on online traffic. SEO offers more information than the user requires and likes.

In this regard it is essential to decipher user preferences, and AI can play an essential role. Instead, webmasters with least competitive and timely keywords and content can be supported with artificial intelligence. In general, artificial intelligence attempts to discover the reasons behind each search engine and thus provide alternatives for these requirements.

How do AI SEO tool works?

In the analysis of large data sets from multiple sources, SEO companies use machine learning, so that the platform produces specific conclusions and recommendations that improves organic search performances. It’s like an analyst telling you why certain pages are listed, what changes will have the greatest effect and what competition is really winning.

How can AI powered SEO tools help startups?


Google analytics now offers information and insights directly on its platform which is great for single marketing department and entrepreneurs alike. AI is like having a SEO specialist at hand in your SEO reporting environment. Review remarkable insight, ask questions and do more than ever to find meaningful data. Without the extra wage.

4. Content Marketing

In search engine ranks, content quality is considered to be the greatest king without a doubt. In addition, the greater the content quality, the better are the chances for search engine rankings. Even after you do everything in its ability, the main aspects that distinguishes a web content from the other content is sometimes uncertain.

How do content intelligent platform work?

Content intelligent platform can assist you to write better headlines, optimize ad copy, personalize and forecast content output in multitude ways. Most platforms can support the editing and making of content based on historical measurements with AI and machine learning.

How can AI- powered content intelligence help startups?


Does the analyst have any content rankings for a single sentence and provide an intuitive feedback on what enhances the content of the #1 website? You have a content intelligence platform if you operate an enterprise that employ individuals to generate semantic content across different channels (pay, social, email, blog).

5. Video Production

AI-driven video software is not precisely a fresh product, but the quality of videos produced by these platforms has improved considerably in recent years. With big players like Adobe increasing their games, smaller platforms come into the scene with suitable alternatives to quickly and efficiently create videos.

How do AI video programs work?

Most platforms for video production use artificial understanding and the machine learning to match the content you provide to each scene of your video with the relevant clips and images. More sophisticated platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro CC can automatically color, making the editing method for color consistency of several camera shots a bit more comfortable.

How can AI powered video production help startups?


A video maker with AI can be used for many purposes. The platforms mostly come with big inventory video and pictorial databases and some even allow you to enter the URL of your blog post and convert the text into a video automatically. There are endless opportunities.

6. User Experience

Thanks to AI, it became simpler than ever to adapt to user needs. With artificial intelligence in internet creation, user preferences, moods can be understood and user contexts judged accordingly. Of course, customer service and user experience can be strengthened by knowing the background and circumstances of the user. User analysis can be improved when it comes to evaluating a user on the basis of a complicated and high quantity of information.

How does UX intelligence work?

Artificial intelligence can assist businesses to create their customers an extremely personalized experience. Artificial intelligence may bring in all the various points of a client and well determine the brand and customer behavior- or what we call chatbots- via strong virtual humans.

How can AI powered UX help startups?


Business teams therefore have unparalleled insights into client experience, far beyond what surveys can glean from customers. Note that, if a business does not anticipate its requirements, salesforce says 50% of customers are likely to trade products.

Artificial intelligence promises to assist organizations, by providing clients with the correct texts and marketing instructions, in order to better comprehend their customers and to anticipate them.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) also allows businesses to better comprehend brand strength and high-level client trends. AI powered instruments can monitor and predict client emotions and social brand perception.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in business:

1. AI provides improved effectiveness

We are human, so we make errors and become tired. It is only for a restricted period that we can execute skilled job before fatigue takes over. We need time to relax, sleep and unplug.

AIs do not have a biological body, side show or family to get away from work. And while people fight to remain focused for a while, AIs remain precise whether they operate for 1,000 hours. These AIs can also correctly record information when they operate, which will in turn fuel their own learning and appreciation of designs.

2. AI solves humanity's issues

With AI becoming more capable and used in various capacities, many of the issues that have plagued government, schools and companies are likely to be resolved. In addition, AI will assist to enhance our justice, health, social, economic, governance and other aspects of our community. In fact, there are some companies which have already developed many mobile app development solutions based on AI technology due to their huge benefits in many fields around us.

3. AI frees people to do the best they do

As AIs become more common and take on daily and manly duties, people are liberated to do their best–to critically and creatively believe and to imagine fresh options. It is probable that AI instruments will increase and improve this critical thinking and creativity. The co-working circumstances where duties between human beings and AIs are separated according to their skills and strengths are more important in future.


Artificial Intelligence cannot emulate creativity or intellect. However, it can take away the heavy work burden so that marketers can concentrate on strategic planning and creativity. It is immensely likely that in near future we will come across so many mobile applications which will be built using latest AI technologies and they will have great power to make this world much more smarter.

Disclaimer: I work at Xicom as a Sr. Software Engineer. We have assisted many startups by developing their critical AI based software solutions and mobile applications to improve their efficiency and productivity to create a clear competitive advantage in the market for them.


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