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Top 6 Flutter Development Companies in 2019

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Since Flutter early alpha was first announced at Google’s I/O in May 2017, it has gradually become one of the fastest cross-platform frameworks, gaining worldwide popularity and improving its stability in time (version 1.0 was released in December 2018).

Today, 2 years after Flutter alpha was announced, the framework is used by Google and developers around the world to deliver beautiful native apps on iOS and Android. But how could you tell if a company offering Flutter development in its services is reliable? Below, I have created a shortlist of Top Flutter development companies, based on 4 key factors: their experience, successful Flutter projects, contribution to Flutter community, and official approval from Google.


While some companies adopted Flutter no sooner than it hit 1.0, Miquidowas one of the first early adopters of its alpha — with fairly spectacular results. The company earned the position of mobile development leaders with a strong portfolio in Flutter and React.

Topline, the app that they created for Abbey Road Studios in 10 weeks (working on Flutter alpha) was appreciated by Google and officially featured during Google I/O in May 2018 and Flutter Live 2018. It’s also showcased by Google on the website and their series of Flutter Developer Stories.

The solution for Abbey Road Studios is not the only application written in Flutter by the Miquido team. The company created i.a Quidlo Timesheets — an intuitive platform for work time tracking and reporting, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Miquido team also hosts and participates in a number of Flutter community events. Their expertise earned a top position among Flutter development companies globally.


GeekyAnts are one of the earliest adopters of Flutter, experimenting with it since its early release. Their work has also been recognised by the core Flutter team at Google, and they have been registered service suppliers for Google LLC since 2017. They also have a major presence in many Flutter community events and have their own Flutter Marketplace.


Alibaba, one of the world’s biggest online commerce companies, used Flutter to create Xianyu app, which has 50M+ downloads and is featured in Google’s series of Flutter Developer Stories.

Very Good Ventures and The Yakka

Formly Posse, which was featured in a series of Flutter Developer Stories next to Topline app by Miquido, Very Good Ventures in NYC and The Yakkain SF are both major contributors to the Flutter community. Very Good Ventures is behind the development of the Hamilton App as well as the KENKEN Flutter Web app demoed at Google IO 2019. The Yakka maintains the popular Fluro routing library.


After announcing Flutter Beta on Mobile World Congress 2018, AppInventivhelped a few of their clients port their React Native apps into cross-platform Flutter apps.


Mindinventory offers app development using Flutter framework. The team is full of Flutter enthusiasts, the participants of Flutter meetups and community — they also created some of their projects with Flutter SDK.


The list above covers Flutter companies that, in my individual opinion, are the most serious players in the world of Flutter, considering their expertise, community engagement, and approval from Google. Obviously, there are still a lot of those, that develop their interest in Flutter and will probably join the list soon. If you can think of any company that should be added to the list, feel free to paste some link to their apps on Google Play or the Apps Store in a comment.


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