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Top 6 Best Real Estate Apps of 2019

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@paresh-sagarParesh Sagar

Paresh Sagar is the CEO of Excellent Webworld , IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company.

We all know exploring and buying your dream home is a difficult task. To get the best deal for your home you roam around and contact builders and real estate agents ad nauseam.

Real estate apps come to a rescue in these times. They give you more insights and the best possible information to have you a house of your dreams. But before you open your Play Store or App Store to download any of the real estate apps; it’s good to get acquainted with your preference, because there are lots of apps with different purposes. Some have a larger number of house listings, some have commercial real estate and even auction properties.

So whether you are actively hunting, looking for a real estate property or purchasing to rent, these real estate apps can help you out in selecting the best property for you.


Zillow is unarguably the best among these apps. This app was a pioneer in the online home value estimates and gives users estimated values of the properties.

If you own a home, you can make an account to track your estimated home value over time and get insights into a potential sale price if you decide it’s time to move.

If you are looking to buy a home, you should bookmark the Zillow website and download the app to your smartphone. The app allows you to view home prices by locations on the go and offers filters and search options to zero in your next home.

LoopNet: for commercial real estate

This real estate app is like Zillow for larger properties. If you are searching for multi-unit or commercial properties, there is no other website and app like LoopNet. LoopNet is ideal for property investors.

Plugging in your local area often delivers a range of successful results for multi-user residential investments you don’t have to buy in your local market. Moreover, the app helps you to buy you out of the town or even the state.

Realtor.com: for housing

It is the official portal for the National Association of Realtors. One of the core benefits you get by using this site is, realtors have a connection with multiple listing systems (MLS) which provide data feed used by most sites on the list.

If you don’t have any real estate agent, realtor.com makes it simple to connect with local agents as well. You should know both agents and houses before buying.


The company started independently but is now owned by Zillow. Where Zillow is great for general home ownership and tracking down current home value, Trulia is better for those who are in an active home search.

It offers focused tools for one purpose — finding a new house and it works great. Great features of the app include the ability to filter your search by particular home features, such as hardwood floors. So you can only see and review the homes that you want.


Homesnape has features best suited for home buyers and real estate agents alike. It has the regular MLS-powered search features that most real estate apps have and includes messaging and sharing features that make your home buying with a spouse or partner or even get things your parents to chime in, more easily.

It allows you to access new and updated listings as quickly as possible.


If you love the auction of properties, then Xome is for you. It offers you a real estate search similar to other sites. The part where it excels is it will let you access the real estate auctions. Some options come with the Xome platform.

The Xome section of the site gives the option to seize a deal on bank-owned, foreclosed, short-sale and standard home listings. For investing, this feature is the best inclusion as you may be able to pick up a property before it hits the general market at a lower rate.


RedFin is both a brokerage firm and app. One of the best features of the mobile app for anyone in an active home search is the ability to filter on upcoming open houses. While it may not lead to your next home, it gives you an insight of what homes are like in the area what will you get for your money.

The standard fees of RedFin are lower than traditional agents. While selling, most homes list for 1.5 percent and when buying the average buyer gets $2,000 refund on the agent fees.


Biggerpockets has a huge range of resources to learn about real estate including ebooks, blog posts, podcasts, guides, and forums, etc. The app is an entryway into the bigger pocket world, which is also available through the websites as well.

You can learn a lot about how to buy a home that will give a good return if you sell it. If you want to take your real estate game to the next level and get into investing in real estate this is the top resource on the internet.


Finding a new home can sometimes be a stressful job. But with the best real estate apps you can have your dream home on a finger touch. As we saw there are all kinds of apps that help you find any kind of property easily. Are you ready to hire the best real estate development company?

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@paresh-sagarParesh Sagar

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Paresh Sagar is the CEO of Excellent Webworld , IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company.


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