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Top 5 User Feedback Software and Services

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The trick to engaging or creating the feedback cycle with your users or potential users who might want to avail your product or service is the means by which you deliver that communication — or potential communication. Software suites can make this easier or create a whole new ecosystem (or aggregate existing ones and make them easier!) for you to react or proactively deal with both positive and negative feedback.

While you’re reviewing this list, remember that your favorite search engine can lead you down whole rabbit holes of more potential or advantages from these specific organizations and parts of the sales pitch I’ve missed, or additional or more boutique solutions that might be a perfect fit for your needs!

You’ll notice handy links within the text that allow you to see some of the world’s best and most highly sought-after Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Engagement and Marketing firms. Like this most recent sentence!


Intercom is a series of tools you can optionally add to the interface of your site. In their most basic form, you can also set up their backend to track and report on different user vitality data — from time spent on a page or feature or how many clicks or other interaction a user can have with your site. You can easily create aggregate data (see some of the value of that here in our other publication) that allows you to make smarter data and smarter decisions.

The real beauty of intercom is the fact that you can use it to tailor surveys, NPS questionnaires, or whatever you’re interested in right from the interface your users are already consuming based on certain triggers you define. You can also run a helpdesk through Intercom — we’ve all seen their helpful little ? or other chat bubbles in the bottom right of webpages! I went to go find an example and wondered aloud ‘do you suppose Intercom has Intercom on Intercom?’ and sure enough — they do!

Intercom is rated one of the best user feedback tools available in any vertical or industry, and is recommended by top marketing agencies worldwide. They have additional suites and packages available for consumption on demand and with tiered pricing. Their support team is exceptional in helping figure out the variety of ways that their platform can add value.


SurveyMonkey may be one of the older names on this list but their value statement is driven home as it’s tried, tested and true. Their platform allows you to create, syndicate and collect responses for a list of questions you pre-define. This can be sent optionally to existing users or people outside of your list of current stakeholders to do all of your user feedback needs — from assessing painpoints to addressing concerns surrounding new releases or feeling out opportunities for growth. Some of the more in-tune marketing agencies will recommend this method of engaging people using SurveyMonkey’s user feedback research software, as by and large the effect is beneficial vs. newer or untried techniques. Their suite allows instant feedback and aggregate data to make those same kind smarter data and smarter decisions!


UserVoice is a more targeted type of user feedback software, recommended by top engagement marketing agencies around the globe as they allow the facilitation of figuring out why, how and when growth opportunities exist. You can collect feedback and suggestions about product data, and then gather votes from other users to see which pain points or opportunities are the most popular or prolific.


Podium is another variation on the same train of thought — they allow aggregating user feedback on marketplaces or review forums across the web, for you to proactively act on those ⅕ or ⅖ stars and also review — in aggregate — those ⅘ or 5/5 stars that are driving business to your organization.

Research indicates that 90% of internet users will actively look for reviews or testimonials on places like Google, Amazon or Yelp before making a commitment to buy or subscribe a product or service. These kinds of reviews can sometimes go missed if you don’t have an active or fulltime social representative who knows what they’re doing — Podium takes that need out of the equation by giving you this data up front, aggregated and actionable!

Check it out, they have Intercom on their homepage:

Square Feedback & Other Autoresponders

While tied into the Square POS system, Square Feedback allows an automated feedback email sent to your purchasers after the purchase. This can be tailored to ask whatever NPS or other core questions you would like to receive from the people who buy your products — and other autoresponders will tie into your CRM or store system (whether it be WooCommerce on WordPress, Magento (check out this company whose support this author represented at one point, MageMail — you pay only a fraction of the new business they refer you!), eBay or Amazon — choice is yours! Refer to your favorite search engine!)

The theory is that these types of surveys — or, even better, those types of autoresponders that you’re able to tie in to create a series of followup mail on abandoned carts and anniversaries, interest- or cart-based discounts, etc — will allow you to engage these people that would otherwise not have completed an order.

Square is designed more to engage those people who might have positive reviews or testimonials to give your physical product, but they’re worth mentioning in this list because they do a fantastic

Some of these more targeted, boutique outfits — depending on your software you employ — can create a wealth of opportunity in the field of user feedback and engagement.


While you’re looking for the next-best-thing to help you raise participation from your users or potential users, I hope this list has helped you understand some of the key differentiating factors among some of the competitors — or let you into the world of some smaller, everyman tailored solutions that exist or that you can find using your favorite search engine!

Feel free to see our other inaugural articles on marketing — specifically Blockchain and cryptocurrency — to get some more understanding of how some of these industry giants are positioning these kinds of tools to drive your ROI and effectiveness and efficiency.


Here’s a shill: CrowdCreate is a leading crypto engagement marketing firm who uses some of these top-notch user feedback tools to drive ROI and create a wealth of new and recurring visitors, users and contributors for your organization. Worth a look!

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