Top 5 Entrepreneurs & CEOs That I Don't Admire and Top 5 That I Do by@nebojsa.todorovic

Top 5 Entrepreneurs & CEOs That I Don't Admire and Top 5 That I Do

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Author, GoLancer, "Noonies2020" Award Winner says he has the right to play with fire. He says he doesn't admire Elon Musk because his ego is too big for just one planet. He also says he won't admire Steve Jobs because he cared more about products and deadlines than the people who worked for him. Author: "I know that I'm going to step on many people's toes with my article, but I don't care. It's just me speaking my mind about the "untouchables"

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You have the right to admire, and I have the right to play with fire.

Worshiping mainstream idols just ain’t my thing. That's why I’m going to start by cutting through everybody’s top five choices like a knife through butter. Not because that would make me look smarter; but simply unapologetically honest.

I know even without asking who are everybody's favorite "usual suspects.” That’s so disappointingly predictable. I know that I’m going to step on many people's toes with my article, but I don’t care. It’s just me speaking my mind about the “untouchables.”

Top 5 Entrepreneurs & CEOs That I DON'T Admire

1) I don’t admire ELON MUSK because I think his ego is too big for just one planet. Some planets are blue, some planets are red, I don’t care if you think of him as your best imaginary friend.


That's an interesting choice of words - "filters."

But Musk is once again in the news for admitting, though not for the first time, the truth about his dream: "A bunch of people probably will die" in the process.

The "filtering process," I guess.

2) I don’t admire JEFF BEZOS because plastic bottles aren’t toilets.


Actually, I do believe it.

While studying I used to work night shifts (only) at a newsstand with no toilet. I had to be “creative.” Use your imagination. Hey, I even consider myself to be one of the first pioneers in this field. When you're working at a newsstand, you have plenty of reading material at your disposal. That's how I stumbled upon an article about "space toilets." The rest is history that's luckily behind me.

3) I don’t admire STEVE JOBS because he cared more about the products and deadlines than the people who worked for him. Tears for fears. I know, great songs, but a terrible analogy.

As early as 1987, the New York Times wrote: "by the early 80's, Mr. Jobs was widely hated at Apple. Senior management had to endure his temper tantrums. He created resentment among employees by turning some into stars and insulting others, often reducing them to tears. Mr. Jobs himself would frequently cry after fights with fellow executives".

You know what; I don't fall for crocodile tears even under an Apple tree.

4) I don’t admire JACK DORSEY because he allowed Larry T Bird to become a biased bird of prey.


If your Twitter account hasn't been suspended at least once, then you don't know what you missed.

5) I don’t admire MARK ZUCKERBERG because he created a monster. Something about good intentions and the road to digital hell.

Belgian politician Guy Verhofstadt referenced the techno-dystopian novel The Circle before asking whether Facebook would open its books to regulators so that they could examine whether the company was engaging in monopolistic practices. He also asked the Facebook CEO about his legacy.
“How do you want to be remembered?” Verhofstadt said. “As one of the three internet giants together with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Or as a failed genius who created a digital monster destroying our democracies?”

I haven't read "The Circle" (book), but I saw "The Circle" (movie). Tom Hanks as a villain. Yup, that was one extremely vicious tech circle.

I know what you’re going to ask me next. Is there someone you actually admire, you bitter bald/bold man?

OK. Time to change my tune.

Top 5 Entrepreneurs & CEOs That I DO Admire

1) I do admire BILL GATES (still) because Edge works like a charm on Linux Ubuntu. So, I have to let him slip through my fingers, for now.


Is Edge for Linux the Trojan Horse special delivery by Microsoft? Am I going to regret my admiration one day?


I found this lovely and troubling picture in one of TechRepublic's articles.

Then there are these two headlines from a Wired article:

Enemies No More: Microsoft Brings the Linux Kernel to Windows
Microsoft is bringing the heart of Linux to Windows, the latest sign of the software giant's increasing receptiveness to open source software.

Let's see if Bill is going to break my Linux Ubuntu heart.

2) I do admire Ian Ippolito because I consider him to be the "father of modern freelancing." Yup, all of you freelance babies that take many things for granted, Ian Ippolito was the first to introduce, test, and use.


I earned my very first money as a freelancer on vWorker, formerly known as Rent a Coder.

3) I do admire Linh Dao Smooke because she refused to allow Hacker Noon to become just another brick in Medium's paywall.

Wait! Where's David? The last time I checked, he was still in his green-hair phase. Let's face it, we all know who's Mama-in-chief. I'm perfectly confident that this article won't influence my contributor's status on Hacker Noon and the next "Noonies" Award nomination. Just sayin'.

My favorite video. Aren't they adorable (as long as David stays away from hair color conditioners and stuff):

4) I do admire Michael Brooks because he launched goLance the same year the "Great Merge" took place in 2015. I'm talking about the "marriage" of Elance and oDesk that gave birth to Upwork.

The urban freelance legend has it that one self-proclaimed writer and the winner of the "Noonies2020" Award said this during their very first conversation: "Sir, with all due respect, but launching a new platform while freelance dinosaurs rule the market is business madness."


One year later after that conversation, here on Hacker Noon, I published a story that begins with a question: Is Michael Brooks The Freelance King Leonidas?

Is he? Judge for yourself.

5) I do admire all unknown entrepreneur heroes, the world doesn’t and will never know they ever existed and fought every single day for their families and communities.

Finally, I do admire that you don’t admire my stories.


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