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Top 5 Crypto + Bitcoin Podcasts: 2021/2022  by@benjaminbateman

Top 5 Crypto + Bitcoin Podcasts: 2021/2022

Benjamin Bateman Hacker Noon profile picture

Benjamin Bateman

Crypto gonzo blogger degen, host of @NVMtheShitcoins podcast + more 💎🙌 #TFIFT # NVMTS #WebFree

Learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain can be a little overwhelming when you're new to the space. That's why podcasts are such a great medium for breeching the topic. They are usually bitesize, tailored to a niche audience, and give that perfect cosy and intimate feel to the process.

Now, I know it's not 2022 yet, but there are a shed load of articles out there already using the 2021 title so I'm getting ahead of the game. The list below is purely my personal opinion, but whether you're a crypto novice or a seasoned shitcoin OG, I hope there's something for everyone!

5. What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormick shot to crypto-stardom when notorious Fake Satoshi, Craig Wright, tried to sue him for calling him out on his bullshit (Peter won the battle, of course). Nowadays, his shows are a little less controversial, but they are solid, factual, and 'The King of Bedford' pulls no punches in his opinions of anything which isn't Bitcoin.


4. UpOnly with Cobie and Ledger

The Twitch stream which doubles as a podcast nowadays, I was surprised to see Cobie doing sponsored content, but it's a pretty anarchic affair overall. Famously, they once donated over $800 thousand dollars worth of Ethereum and other cryptocurrency to a child with leukemia in one of the most heart warming moments in crypto ever.


3. Tech Stories with Hackernoon

They won't let me publish this article without mentioning their show...

I joke. The Tech Stories Podcast with Hackernoon is awesome. Not just crypto, but everything new and techy, with my good friend Utsav Jaiswal representing us blockchain geeks, why haven't you checked it out yet?

2. The Joe Rogan Experience

Outside the box, but it is the world's largest podcast. And with guests like Elon Musk talking Dogecoin, and many other actual notable crypto experts appearing to give insights and teach Joe the ways of the chain, there is a whole lot of crypto content scattered throughout. Plus, it's entertaining as hell.


1. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Joel and Travis will always hold a special place in my heart. Not just because they're hilarious, but because they are humble. When I first started getting into Bitcoin and crypto, it was the summer of 2017 (if only we could go back and buy more, right!?).

The Bad Crypto Podcast was brand new, and as the hosts would constantly remind, they were just two dudes talking crypto. They knew as little as I did, and weren't afraid to ask the questions others might feel silly asking!

And with early days interviews with John MacAfee, Jordan Belfort, and many other weird and wonderful guests, it was like they were making the show just for little old me! So, Joel and Travis, if you're reading this (and I hope they will because I'm going to spam them with it!), cheers for the learning and laughs dudamigos!


Looking for Something New?

I'm not a narcissist or anything, but I did mention I have a crypto podcast of my own (well, it's not just mine but let's not be pedantic). It's not quite in the big leagues with the others above yet, but you never know, one day, right?

If you like crypto, bitcoin and blockchain, and also comedy panel quiz shows, it might be right up your street! So check it out and let me know what you think! And if you'd like to be a guest on a future episode, reach out, we don't bite!